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What are the advantages of PVC waterproofing membrane?

PVC waterproofing membrane is an excellent green waterproofing materials, with abundant raw materials, renewable use, harmless to human body and the environment and other advantages. Therefore, in the country's "fourteenth five-year plan" proposed "double carbon" goal, the country vigorously advocate emission reduction, PVC waterproofing roll-roofing has been the key promotion products in the field of polymer roll-roofing, in the building waterproofing industry occupies an important position.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing roll-roofing is a new type of polymer waterproofing roll-roofing, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the substrate, add a certain amount of plasticizers, antioxidants, stabilizers, ultraviolet absorbers, lubricants, fillers and other processing aids, an extrusion molding.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane, according to product composition can be divided into homogeneous coils, fiber-backed coils, cloth reinforced coils, glass fiber reinforced coils, glass fiber reinforced fiber-backed coils.

So, what are the advantages of PVC waterproofing roll-roofing material?

1. Easy welding and construction. The lap can be welded with an automatic temperature-controlled torch or welder, and there is no peeling or flaking during the lap. Its product features can also make construction more convenient, saving manpower and material resources for construction.

2. It has strong permeability to water vapor and resistance to infiltration, which is suitable for underground engineering and water conservancy engineering. Our company produces PVC waterproofing roll-roofing materials according to professional formulations with excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, low temperature resistance, ozone oxidation aging resistance, antibacterial and anti-mildew properties.

3. PVC waterproofing roll-roofing is easy to maintain and repair at a later stage.

4. PVC waterproofing membrane using environmentally friendly raw materials and technology, can be recycled in a variety of ways, so in the "double carbon" development goals, to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and pollution-free.

5. Used in photoelectric roofing project is conducive to energy saving.


Waterproof material variety, which are the main raw materials?

Waterproof material is the building envelope to prevent the infiltration of rain, snow and groundwater; to prevent the erosion of moisture, steam and other harmful gases and liquids in the air; to separate the structure to prevent the seepage of water supply and drainage over.

Do you know what are the characteristics of non-curing waterproof coating?

Non-curing waterproofing coating is not need to heat to a certain temperature on the construction of the material. There are many types of such materials, such as: polyurethane waterproofing roll-roofing and non-vulcanized rubber-based polymer emulsions belong to such products; in addition, there are acrylic polymer cement mortar and modified epoxy resin cement also belongs to this category.

Introduction to the construction steps of liquid coil

Liquid membrane is a highly elastic rubber waterproofing material, with water instead of organic solvents, green and environmentally friendly. After painting and coil effect is the same, so compared with ordinary coil construction is very simple. And not subject to any complex grass-roots shape restrictions, can be made into a continuous overall highly elastic seamless waterproof membrane, is an ideal environmentally friendly waterproof coating.

Do you need to prepare anything before the construction of roofing membrane waterproofing?

Before the construction of the roofing project, the construction unit should organize technical management personnel to review the roofing project drawings, master the construction drawings of the detailed structure and the relevant technical requirements and the actual situation of the project to prepare the construction plan or technical measures of the roofing project. This avoids leaving defects after construction, resulting in rework, while the project is planned according to the construction organization to prevent work omissions, mistakes, reversals affect the quality of the project.

Common problems in the use of self-adhesive waterproof rolls

Self adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane is a type of polymer self adhesive waterproofing membrane, which is made of polymer HDPE homogeneous waterproofing membrane as the theme material, coated with a certain thickness of non leachable hot melt adhesive, and isolated with polymer specific isolation sand or PE silicone oil film.