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Introduction to the construction steps of liquid coil

Liquid membrane is a highly elastic rubber waterproofing material, with water instead of organic solvents, green and environmentally friendly. After painting and coil effect is the same, so compared with ordinary coil construction is very simple. And not subject to any complex grass-roots shape restrictions, can be made into a continuous overall highly elastic seamless waterproof membrane, is an ideal environmentally friendly waterproof coating.

Here is a brief introduction to the construction of liquid membrane steps.

1. Clear the surface of the grass-roots level of water, floating ash, oil, release agent and other stains; base surface should be smooth, firm, no loose and sanding.

2. Node processing: special node parts, such as the yin and Yang corners of different materials, joints, compartment joints, intersections, etc., should be sealed and closed, and then the node parts are painted once.

3. Open the lid and stir evenly before construction.

4. Generally apply and scrape 2-3 times to ensure that there is no pinhole phenomenon on the base surface, more coating and more scraping; after the first coating is cured for 2-6 hours, according to the temperature and construction environment, the second coating will be applied, and the coating direction is perpendicular to the first coating direction.

Note:If there are many cracks on the base surface, you can deal with the cracks first. Usually the whole operation is done with cement mortar after the treatment! Liquid coil if the substrate is too dry during construction, it is recommended to moisten the substrate with water first, otherwise pinholes will easily appear.


Construction Technology of PVC Waterproof Rolls

1. Firstly, waterproof materials and various construction tools need to be prepared, followed by the specific construction process. Firstly, the treatment of the base layer must be carried out. Before construction, the base layer must be cleaned to ensure that there are no other lumps or debris, and the base layer must be dry, with a moisture content within 9%.

Do you really understand the construction method of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof rolls?

(1) Construction method for large surface coiled materials: The large-scale construction methods for PVC waterproof rolls include: ① mechanical fixation method; ② Bonding method; ③ Empty paving (capping) method.

Talking about the scope of application of non-curing waterproof coatings

Application scope of non-curing waterproof coating   1, underground buildings   Such as subway tunnel waterproof plugging, pool cistern wall waterproof patching anti-corrosion heat insulation transformation, basement floor water leakage management repair reinforcement, etc.

Waterproof material variety, which are the main raw materials?

Waterproof material is the building envelope to prevent the infiltration of rain, snow and groundwater; to prevent the erosion of moisture, steam and other harmful gases and liquids in the air; to separate the structure to prevent the seepage of water supply and drainage over.