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What are the construction methods of polyvinyl chloride waterproofing membrane?

PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride waterproofing roll-roofing material, is a new type of polymer waterproofing roll-roofing material made of polyvinyl chloride resin and additives such as anti-oxidants and anti-UV. Ltd. production of PVC waterproofing membrane with high tensile strength, high elongation, shrinkage rate is small, low temperature flexibility, long service life, the product performance is stable, convenient construction.

According to the characteristics of PVC roll-roofing materials, the general use of cold bonding method, air laying method, mechanical fixing method and other construction methods.

1. cold adhesion method: the use of pvc coil special adhesive, through the cold operation of the coil on the grass-roots construction method called cold adhesion method.

According to the requirements of the waterproof design, cold bonding method can be divided into full or partial bonding method.

(1) full adhesion method is to bond all pvc coil on the grass-roots level of a construction method.

(2) local paste coil. pvc coil paving, coil and grass-roots level should be used point paste or strip paste on the grass-roots level.

2. Empty paving method: paving PVC waterproofing roll-roofing, coil and grass-roots level only in the entire waterproofing layer around a certain width bonding; the rest of the construction method using no bonding. Empty pavement method of construction process is as follows.

Base leveling and cleaning, pre-laying coil, lap welding coil joints, special parts processing, fixing, crimping, sealing materials sealing, acceptance.

3. Mechanical fixing method: that is, through mechanical fastening fixture will coil and grass-roots connection of construction methods.


What are the advantages of PVC waterproofing membrane?

PVC waterproofing membrane is an excellent green waterproofing materials, with abundant raw materials, renewable use, harmless to human body and the environment and other advantages. Therefore, in the country's "fourteenth five-year plan" proposed "double carbon" goal, the country vigorously advocate emission reduction, PVC waterproofing roll-roofing has been the key promotion products in the field of polymer roll-roofing, in the building waterproofing industry occupies an important position.

Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating product characteristics

1) high elasticity: the film elongation at break can reach more than 1000%, suitable for expansion joints and deformation joints, can effectively solve a variety of structures due to stress deformation, expansion cracking, puncture or poor connection and leakage, corrosion and other problems; effective treatment of structural deformation, to ensure that the waterproof effect.

Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproofing coating in the project and construction points to share!

Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproofing coating consists of rubber asphalt emulsion A component and emulsion-breaking agent B component. A component consists of high solids emulsified asphalt and polymer. It will be co-blended modified to form a water-soluble mixture of polymer and emulsified asphalt. component A and component B is sprayed from the two nozzles of the special spraying equipment on site, atomized mix quickly after breaking the emulsion dehydration (within 10 s), coagulation into a film. After efforts, a dense, continuous and complete rubber asphalt coating is formed with high elongation, strong elasticity, excellent durability and waterproof, anti-corrosion, impermeability and protection. A spraying can reach more than 2 mm thickness, fast construction speed, environmental protection.

Silicone waterproofing agent spray (coating) construction method

Silicone waterproofing agent construction is generally divided into grass-roots surface cleaning, crack repair, spraying construction three procedures.

What is the main role played by silicone waterproofing agent?

Silicone water repellent can be used to coat the surface of decorative mortar, natural or artificial marble, natural or artificial granite, decorative concrete, fair-faced concrete, block, brick, etc. It mainly plays the following roles: