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Common problems in the use of self-adhesive waterproof rolls

Self adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane is a type of polymer self adhesive waterproofing membrane, which is made of polymer HDPE homogeneous waterproofing membrane as the theme material, coated with a certain thickness of non leachable hot melt adhesive, and isolated with polymer specific isolation sand or PE silicone oil film.
The characteristic of self-adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane is that it is fully bonded to the bottom layer, even if it is partially damaged, it will not leak water. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the quality of full bonding. Due to the self-adhesive characteristics of the coil, it is easy to have "early" bonding during the operation process, that is, the coil insulation paper is bonded when it is opened on the base surface, which often leads to uneven spreading and foaming. Therefore, the following points should be noted during use:
When pasting the coil, it is necessary to always align with the baseline to prevent deviations from being difficult to correct. When pasting the coil, the coil should not be stretched. After pasting, use a pressure roller to roll from the middle of the coil to both sides, expel air to make the coil stick to the bottom layer. Do not peel off the insulation paper of the overlapping part of the coil too early to avoid contamination or incorrect pasting of the adhesive layer. It should be removed before pasting the back coil.
2. The bottom layer must be cleaned thoroughly. If there are weak areas on the surface of the base layer, coils may form and even pull up the attachments on the bottom layer. Therefore, it is required that the bottom layer be sturdy and clean.
Self adhesive waterproof rolls can be constructed using methods such as wet laying, empty laying, solid machine laying, and hanging laying according to the on-site conditions of the project. The construction is more flexible and the waterproof effect is better. It can be constructed wet without the need for a leveling layer, with low requirements for the lower layer, and is not affected by climate and lower humidity. Dry season construction and project duration have unique and obvious advantages. There is no shielding layer on the coil, and reinforced concrete can be directly poured.