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Construction Technology of PVC Waterproof Rolls

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2023/04/29 17:34

Construction Technology of PVC Waterproof Rolls
1. Firstly, waterproof materials and various construction tools need to be prepared, followed by the specific construction process. Firstly, the treatment of the base layer must be carried out. Before construction, the base layer must be cleaned to ensure that there are no other lumps or debris, and the base layer must be dry, with a moisture content within 9%.
2. During the paving process of coiled materials, it is necessary to understand the size of the paving range, from low to high. When paving the ground, attention should be paid to the treatment of complex parts, such as drainage holes in wall corners. An additional layer should be made in these complex parts to prevent water leakage from affecting daily life.
Precautions for the use of waterproof rolls
When using waterproof rolls, we need to evenly apply adhesive on its surface. Polypropylene waterproof rolls should not be exposed and should be used immediately after painting, otherwise the waterproof effect will be affected over time.
When using waterproof materials, we also need to level the laid ground, clean the ground, and sprinkle water to keep the ground moist.
3. In order to make it work, we can apply glue to some areas that are prone to water leakage in advance, so that they will not leak in the future, otherwise it will easily leak over time.
4. The cement used in the production of adhesives must be mixed evenly without any sedimentation or cement blocks.
5. When laying polypropylene waterproofing membrane, it is not allowed to fold the polypropylene waterproofing membrane, which may affect the waterproofing effect.

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