Silicone exterior wall waterproofing agent
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Silicone exterior wall waterproofing agent

In order to solve the leakage of buildings-especially the leakage of walls, the company has successfully developed the Kexing silicone waterproofing agent for wall leakage after years of trial production research. Its unique performance and high quality, non-polluting production, non-toxic product, non-irritating construction, and a new type of waterproof agent using water as a dispersion medium are listed by the Ministry of Construction as one of the key construction waterproof materials in the Ninth Five-Year Plan.
Silicone waterproofing agent-after spraying (or painting) on the building wall, it forms a layer of material that is invisible to the naked eye and can penetrate into the wall for several millimeters. This kind of silicone coating has breathing function and strong water repellency. When the rainwater blows on the building or encounters moisture, it will naturally flow as water droplets to prevent the intrusion of water, and because the capillary holes of the base material are not closed, Moisture in the wall is still radiated out through the waterproof material without barriers, so that it can be waterproof and breathable, thus maintaining the integrity and beauty of the building wall.
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Scope of application

Silicone waterproofing agent can adapt to a variety of exterior wall substrates, such as clear water wall surface, lime, cement mortar stucco layer, concrete surface, all have good waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, pollution-proof and salt-out prevention functions. Covering various decorative surfaces of paint can greatly improve the waterproof, color-preserving and anti-pollution ability of the coating. It is used on the joint surface of ceramic tiles and mosaics, which can prevent the wall tiles from absorbing water and the damage caused by frost caused by the tiles, and the peeling of tiles and mosaics. It can also prevent white flowers from salting out on the walls. Used in ancient buildings can greatly improve its acid rain corrosion resistance, weathering resistance, waterproof and color retention properties. Therefore, it can be widely applied in the fields of various building finishes, gardens, stone carvings of ancient buildings, cultural relics protection units, warehouses, archives, libraries, martyrs' cemeteries. Especially to solve the leakage of granaries, civil houses and other buildings, in addition, it is also suitable for various thermal insulation materials as a water-repellent agent, as a waterproof agent for gypsum board or products.

Technical index

Solid content ≥26%;

PH: 3.5 ~ 5;

Waterproof effect: untreated aerated concrete slab, 6 drops of water in 30s

Fully absorbed, after treatment, 6 drops of water will remain intact for 5 hours.

Construction method

The silicone waterproofing agent is easy to construct and safe to use. It can be carried around in cars, trains, and airplanes. After each kilogram of concentrated liquid can be diluted with 4-5kg of tap water, spray it with a sprayer (such as portable, agricultural, electric pump, etc.) or roller brush twice on the dry base of the building. Each kilogram of the original liquid can be sprayed once every 20-30m2, and it can play a significant waterproof and impermeable effect one day after spraying, and the waterproof effect can reach more than ten years.

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