Metal tire polymer root puncture waterproof membrane
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Metal tire polymer root puncture waterproof membrane

The metal polymer composite waterproof membrane is a metal polymer composite waterproof membrane that uses metal foil and polymer materials as the main raw materials and is produced by an extrusion method. The metal foil, polymer material and fabric reinforcement layer are compounded at one time by a single compound process . In the middle is the metal foil layer (aluminum foil or copper foil), which mainly plays the role of anti-plant root penetration and has the function of waterproof and impermeability. The metal foil is compounded on both sides or one side with maleic anhydride grafted modified polyethylene resin layer, which mainly plays a waterproof role, and this layer also has a certain resistance to plant root puncture. The lower layer of the product is a non-woven fabric layer, which is directly compounded on the resin waterproof layer, which can be bonded to the base layer of the cement structure with cement material, so that the product and the structure base layer are integrated, and the strong impact plant roots are more effectively blocked Puncture. The upper layer of the product is based on the growth characteristics of different species and the actual situation of the project. It is composed of non-woven fabrics and felts of different thicknesses, which are mainly used to protect the waterproof root-proof material, filter the sediment, prevent the loss of nutrient soil, discharge excess water, and store certain Water for plant growth.
The product construction uses a special supporting waterproof root-blocking polymer adhesive added to the cement, the prepared adhesive is bonded to the cement base layer, and the formed adhesive layer has the dual functions of waterproofing and blocking plants. At the same time, the adhesive layer can also play a role in waterproofing and root resistance, which is not available in other materials, and more effectively guarantees the quality of the project.
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1. The product has dense texture, small water vapor permeability coefficient and excellent waterproof performance;

2. It has the function of preventing plant root penetration and can withstand plant root puncture. That is to prevent root puncture, but does not affect the normal growth of plants;

3. High mechanical strength and strong anti-puncture ability;

4. Good chemical resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance;

5. Non-toxic and long service life;

6. Good flexibility, easy to bend, free to fold, easy to operate.

Physical performance index

Aluminum tire polyethylene polypropylene composite waterproof membrane; 《Aluminum tire polyethylene polypropylene composite waterproof membrane main physical properties table》


The application performance meets the requirements of GB / T35468-2017 《Root puncture resistant waterproof membrane for planting roof》

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