(For high-speed rail) High-strength polyurethane waterproof coating
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(For high-speed rail) High-strength polyurethane waterproof coating

(Special for high-speed rail) High-strength polyurethane waterproof coating belongs to two-component chemical reaction type waterproofing material, in which component A is an isocyanate-terminated prepolymer obtained by polycondensation of polyether and isoalanate, and component B A colored liquid composed of reinforcing agent, plasticizer, rent-enhancing agent and accelerator. When used, mix the two components of A and B in proportion, and paint on the waterproof base layer, often cross-linking and curing at warm temperature to form high strength Extended rubbery elastic coating.
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This product is a two-component chemical reaction curing type waterproof material, which is an environmentally friendly product. The product strength can reach 6.0Mpa or more, the elongation can reach 450% or more, and the low temperature reaches -35 ℃. The complete elastic waterproof layer, especially with high strength and extensibility, has strong adaptability to cracking or stretching of the base layer.

The product is easy to construct. Only the A and B components need to be mixed in proportion during the construction, and it can be applied on the waterproof base layer. It is a cold construction waterproof coating.

Convenient maintenance, only need to repair the damaged parts to achieve the original waterproof effect, save time, effort and low cost.

The color can be adjusted to meet the needs of different colors.


Suitable for waterproof construction of high-speed railways, viaducts, highways, etc. Waterproofing for civil and industrial roofing and underground engineering, municipal administration, bridges, subways, dams and other projects is more suitable for waterproof construction with complex shapes and vertical and horizontal parts of pipes.

Construction process

The base layer needs to be firm, flat, free of debris, and dry. The female and male corners should be rounded. The female corner diameter is greater than 50mm and the male corner diameter is greater than 10mm.

Ingredients and dosage: Mix the two components of A and B in proportion according to the construction dosage, stir and use evenly. The reference dosage is: The dosage of 1mm thick coating is about 1.3 ~ 1.5kg / m2. Large area waterproof construction: evenly mix the mixed paint with rubber or plastic scraper, the thickness is required to be the same, generally 1.5mm-2.0mm, should be divided into 3-4 brushes, the second brush should be cured in the previous brush After the film is formed and painted in a vertical direction, an additional layer of carcass reinforcement should be placed on the floor of the underground project.

Coating film thickness: subway project should not be less than 2.0mm, underground project should not be less than 1.5mm, toilet room should not be less than 1.2mm, when the carcass reinforcement is added in the coating room, the coating under the tire The thickness above 1.0mm is not less than 0.5mn.

Close and edge treatment: add coating to close.

Protection layer: The surface of the coating waterproof layer should be isolated and protected according to the design requirements.

Thinner can not use alkyd, nitro thinner and other paint thinners, it is strictly forbidden to contact with water, and it can not be constructed in rainy days; keep good ventilation on the construction site, and no fireworks;
The construction site must be well ventilated. The paint should be ready for use and used up within 40 minutes; if it is found that the B material has a precipitation phenomenon, it should be stirred well before use;
If the coating film is damaged on the construction site, you can use a knife to dig around the break, and then use a waterproof paint to brush and repair.
Transportation and storage
Keep materials in a dry and ventilated room;
Prevent sun and rain during transportation, prevent collision, pay attention to fire prevention;
The storage period of the product is half a year. After the storage period, it needs to be re-inspected before it can be used.



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