Modified asphalt waterproof coating for road and bridge
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Modified asphalt waterproof coating for road and bridge

The polymer-modified asphalt waterproof coating for roads and bridges is a new environmentally friendly waterproof coating made of petroleum asphalt as the base material, using a variety of high-quality polymer as a composite modifier, and a scientific formula. This coating has excellent Heat resistance, cohesiveness and shear resistance, as well as good compatibility with petroleum asphalt products, can fully meet the special requirements of asphalt concrete deck waterproofing, waterproof performance is durable and reliable, is a variety of bridges and elevated deck waterproof construction Special paint.
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Water-based products do not contain toxic and harmful volatile substances and do not pollute the environment.

It has elasticity, good extensibility, and can withstand the structural deformation requirements under dynamic load.

Good heat resistance, high temperature resistance up to 140C ~ 160C.

High bond strength, good shear resistance, and can effectively transmit horizontal traffic load.

Liquid cold construction, no seam in the waterproof layer.

Executive Standard

JC / T975- 2005

Construction requirements

Base layer treatment: The base layer must be firm and firm, with a smooth, dry surface, free of sanding, scumming, and obvious water collapse. The corners of yin and yang are rounded. The defective base can be treated with BPE-203 epoxy resin base treatment agent. Thoroughly remove debris, dust and oil stains before applying the film.

Construction of waterproof layer of coating film: brush, roller or spraying method can be used, and the coating should be applied in layers, preferably 3 to 4 times. The next pass should be cured in the previous pass and formed perpendicular to the direction of the previous pass. The general interval is 4h ~ 7h (depending on temperature). The thickness of the coating is 1.0mmn, and the total amount of coating (2.2 ~ 2.6) kg / m2.


Before the concrete of the bridge deck is finally cured, it is better to perform regular and uniform brushing treatment on the concrete surface.

The construction of waterproof layer can only be carried out when the concrete strength of bridge deck reaches at least 70% of the design strength.

Waterproofing of bridge deck expansion joints, anti-collision wall expansion joints, bridge deck drains, etc. shall be handled separately according to the bridge structure waterproof design.

The construction temperature is preferably 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃. When the temperature is less than 5 ℃, rainy days (including the expected rain within 6 hours after construction) are not allowed.

The waterproof layer is not completely dry. Do not allow people to walk and drive vehicles to prevent sharp objects from piercing the waterproof layer.

Storage and transportation

Products are packaged in clean, dry and closed plastic drums or iron drums lined with plastic bags. The volume is 25kg / drum, 50kg / drum, 200kg / drum.

The products are non-flammable and explosive materials, and can be transported as general cargo. During transportation, it should be protected against freezing, rain, exposure, squeezing, and collision, and keep the packaging intact.

The product should be ventilated, dry and protected from direct sunlight during storage. The storage temperature should not be lower than 0 ℃. The storage period is one year.

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