Color glass fiber asphalt shingle
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Color glass fiber asphalt shingle

● The colored asphalt linoleum tile is made of glass fiber felt as the carcass. After being diffusely coated with high-quality modified asphalt, one side is covered with colored mineral pellets and the other side is sprinkled with insulation material. The new tile-shaped roof waterproof sheet is made of It not only has the characteristics of rich colors, diverse forms, light and durable, easy construction, etc., but also has good waterproof and decorative functions. It is a new waterproof decorative material widely used at home and abroad for slope roofs.
● Suitable for waterproof roofs with slopes greater than 20 °.
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Product performance


The colored asphalt shingle roof can resist erosion caused by various climate factors such as light, cold, heat, rain and cold winter.


The thermal conductivity of the colored asphalt shingle roof is low, which blocks the conduction of heat from outside to inside in summer, and from the inside to the outside in winter. The colored asphalt shingle roof can effectively absorb environmental noise such as raindrop impact, thus ensuring the comfort of the top-family residents Quiet life.

Corrosion resistance

The colored asphalt shingle roof will not be corroded or flowered under the influence of harsh climate environment.

Dustproof and self-cleaning

The colored asphalt tile surface is not easy to accumulate dust and form obvious stains. Even under long-term rainy season conditions, it will not accumulate water stains, and it will look more clean and bright after being washed by rain.

Technical performance index




Wide range of application

Due to the flexibility of the colored asphalt shingle, the colored asphalt shingle roof is suitable for various shapes of road construction, such as curved, round and other roof types.

Durability and low maintenance rate

The colored asphalt shingle itself has a long service life, ranging from 20 to 50 years. If the installation is correct, the colorful glass fiber tile roof has little or no maintenance. Even if it is damaged, it is easy to repair.

Economy and easy construction

The colored asphalt shingles can be constructed under any climatic conditions, which shortens the construction period and saves labor costs. Moreover, due to the light weight of the roof, the engineering cost for bearing is reduced. The reasonable cost and long service life make the colored asphalt shingle roof have good comprehensive economic indicators.

Aesthetic style harmony

Colored asphalt shingles merge with most architectural styles, and it provides a range of color options to meet the requirements of different aesthetic tastes. The color of the colored asphalt shingles can be used to match and complement the natural colors of other building materials, such as the color of brick or stone walls, paint and exterior wall hanging panels, etc., so that the environment becomes more harmonious and beautiful

basic component

Fiberglass mat

It plays a role as a carrier in the process of making asphalt shingles, not only makes the product have excellent waterproof performance, but even if the speed of the tile surface is damaged, the colored asphalt shingles can maintain the waterproof performance. Make the product enough to withstand the shocks produced during production, transportation, construction and use.


Using petroleum oxidized asphalt, it has great extensibility, strong cohesiveness, and has a high absorption capacity for the filler. It is beneficial to the fire resistance of the product and can bond all the materials together, so that the color leaching tile can be used for a long time. It can resist the erosion of wind and rain, and can maintain the performance of the product in the severe cold and cold department, and play a role in resisting humidity and oxidation.

Color Mineral

The colored ore particles on the surface of the asphalt tile can protect the surface layer of the asphalt from direct sunlight, make the asphalt difficult to age, extend the service life of the tile, enrich the color of the product, and improve the fire resistance of the roof tile.

Self sealing adhesive

Self-adhesive tape is attached to the back of the colored asphalt shingles. After the colored asphalt shingles are laid on the roof, the self-adhesive will be activated under the sun's irradiation, resulting in stickiness, so that the upper and lower colored asphalt shingles are firmly bonded together to ensure the integrity of the roof.

Filling material (fine sand surface)

Commonly used is limestone. The filler material has several benefits for the roof tile. It can enhance the fire resistance of the product, moderately improve the weather resistance and elasticity of the roof tile, and reduce the product cost.

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