High molecular polyethylene polypropylene (polyester) waterproof membrane
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High molecular polyethylene polypropylene (polyester) waterproof membrane

The polymer polyethylene polypropylene (polyester) waterproof membrane is made of polyethylene, high-strength polypropylene (polyester) non-woven fabric, ultraviolet light shielding agent, anti-aging agent and other polymer raw materials, and is manufactured by automated production line-secondary extrusion to make. The middle layer of the coiled material is a waterproof layer and an anti-aging layer, and the upper and lower sides are reinforced adhesive layers, which are firm, reliable, without warpage, no hollow, and double-layer waterproof.
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This product is suitable for waterproofing of various roofs, basements, tunnels and other buildings; roofing and underground engineering of industrial and civil buildings, water storage tanks, municipalities, bridges, subways, tunnels, dams and other projects, especially for durability and durability Key projects with high corrosion requirements and easy deformation.


This product is a green and environmentally friendly product, non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free. All meet the requirements of GB / T17219-1998 "Safety Evaluation Standards for Domestic Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials".

Due to the incorporation of anti-aging agent, the product has good anti-aging, anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance characteristics, good physical properties, easy to bend without breaking, good tensile and anti-perforation performance, in line with GB18173.1-2012 "polymer The standard requirements of "Waterproof Material Part One Sheet" can be the same life as the building structure. Polyethylene buried in the sand does not rot or weather. It has been proved by testing: no cracks at low temperature -40 ℃, no deformation at high temperature +100 ℃.

It can be constructed on the wet base, as long as there is no clear water on the base, it can be constructed immediately after the heavy rain stops, and the accumulated water can be cleaned up immediately, which is conducive to rushing to the construction period.

Good flexibility, easy to bend, free to fold, easy to operate. The kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool, and pool are waterproof. The female, female corners, and pipe roots are free from splayed corners and arcs, and can be constructed at right angles. This avoids the phenomenon that the waterproof tiles are damaged by tiling in the next process. Closed water does not leak.

The construction speed is fast and the efficiency is high. The kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool and pool vertical walls do not need to be roughened or interface treated. Pasting tiles directly on the coiled material saves labor and effort.

Polymer cement binder used in conjunction with coiled materials is a green and environmentally friendly product. The main raw material is the matching glue and cement produced by our company, which is not only good in bonding performance, but also a waterproof layer, which can close the pores of the base layer and play a role in water blocking. Loose and play a role in leveling.

Strong anti-puncture performance, suitable for various types of green planting surface waterproof, good anti-perforation performance, can play the role of root thorn, waterproof effect is very obvious.


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Construction method

Construction procedures: acceptance of leveling layer → cleanup of base layer → preparation of cement binder → additional layer → base layer construction → protective layer → maintenance

Before bonding, pre-roll out the roll material, straighten it, and then fold the two ends of the roll material in half, pour the prepared cement adhesive onto the base layer, and evenly scrape the roll material with a scraper Push the paving forward and use the scraper to remove the air left in the coil and scrape the excess adhesive. The bonding rate between the coil and the leveling layer is ≥85%.

Seam method:

(1) Roof waterproof joint construction: the vapor barrier, waterproof layer and additional layer are all lap joints, cemented with cement adhesive, and the width is 10cm. The seam of the additional layer and the seam of the waterproof layer are staggered by more than 5cm.

(2) Construction of waterproof joints in the basement: 10-15cm lap joints are used, and the joints are bonded with polymer joint adhesive.

(3) The overlapping width of the waterproof membrane is 8-10cm on the long side and 10-15cm on the short side, and the adjacent short sides should be staggered by more than 10cm and the angle between the wall and the ground is more than 30cm.

Protection layer:

After the coiling is completed, a 1: 2.5 cement mortar protective layer with a thickness of 2cm shall be applied on the waterproof layer, which shall be applied in two times. The two-layer stubble must be staggered by more than 20cm.

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