High molecular weight polyethylene polypropylene root resistant puncture waterproof membrane
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High molecular weight polyethylene polypropylene root resistant puncture waterproof membrane

The polymer polyethylene polypropylene root-resistant puncture-proof waterproof membrane is based on a modified synthetic polymer resin waterproof core layer as the root barrier waterproof layer, and the high-strength filament fiber fabric is used as a reinforcement layer. Special waterproof membrane for root puncture resistance. It is bonded with its self-developed root-blocking cement to form a strong, reliable, root-puncture-resistant polymer polyethylene polypropylene root-resistance waterproof system.
It is suitable for planting roofs, roof gardens, garage roofs, and roofs of buildings that require greening. Because of its good resistance to acid and alkali salts, it is more suitable for coastal puncture-resistant planting systems for projects that require corrosion or corrosion resistance.
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product features

1. The product has dense texture, small water vapor permeability coefficient and excellent waterproof performance;

2. It has the function of preventing plant root penetration and can withstand plant root puncture. That is to prevent root puncture, but does not affect the normal growth of plants;

3. High mechanical strength and strong anti-puncture ability;

4. Good chemical resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance;

5. Non-toxic and long service life;

6. Good flexibility, easy to bend, any folding, easy to operate.

7. The root-blocking cement material matched with the coiled material is a green and environmentally friendly product, and itself is a root puncture-resistant layer, forming a double insurance coefficient root puncture-resistant waterproof system.

Physical performance index

Polyethylene polypropylene waterproof membrane polymer cement binder compound composite root puncture-resistant waterproof layer. Polyethylene polypropylene waterproof coiled material must be formed in one production process, and the core material thickness should be greater than 0.6mm. "The main physical properties of polyethylene polypropylene waterproof membrane-1"


The application performance meets the requirements of GB / T35468-2017 "Root puncture resistant waterproof membrane for planting roof"

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