Dry powder adhesive for polyethylene polypropylene
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Dry powder adhesive for polyethylene polypropylene

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The adhesive is specially developed according to the characteristics of polymer-reinforced composite waterproof membrane, and the cement glue made after mixing with cement has good workability, water retention and water resistance, and is suitable for the adhesion of polymer-reinforced composite waterproof membrane It has super strong bonding strength.

Proportion of glue: When pasting the roll material, the amount of adhesive added is 2% of the weight of cement, that is, a bag of 50 kg cement with 1.0 kg of bag. .

Glue mixing method: First, mix a bag of adhesive with 6-12 kg of cement dry, then add 27.5-32.5 kg of water while stirring. After stirring, add the remaining cement, stir until there is no clot, no precipitation, no foam be usable.


The prepared cement glue should be used up within four hours, and can be replenished with water at any time during use, but the total water volume should not exceed 70% of the cement weight.

This adhesive is only suitable for multi-layer polymer waterproof membrane.

When stirring, an electric stirrer should be used, and when using manual stirring, the stirring time should be extended.

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