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Polymer modified bitumen root puncture resistant waterproof membrane




The polymer modified asphalt root puncture-resistant waterproof membrane is based on long-fiber polyester fiber felt, special composite copper tire base or copper foil tire base, and is coated with imported chemical root inhibitor SBS modified asphalt. Material, both sides are covered with polyethylene film, fine sand or mineral pellets as a modified asphalt coiled material. <br/> Has the following characteristics: <br/> ● It has the dual functions of waterproofing and preventing plant root penetration, can withstand the puncture of plant roots, and maintain the waterproof function for a long time; <br/> ● It prevents root puncture and does not affect the normal growth of plants; <br/> ● A high-strength waterproof layer can be formed, which has strong resistance to pressure water, and is resistant to puncture, buckling, tearing, and fatigue; <br/> ● High tensile strength, large thickness of modified asphalt coating layer, strong adaptability to shrinkage deformation and cracking of base layer; <br/> ● Excellent high and low temperature resistance, suitable for cold and hot areas; <br/> ● Corrosion resistance, mold resistance, good weather resistance; <br/> ● Construction by hot melt method, convenient construction and reliable and durable thermal joints. <br/>


Polymer modified bitumen root puncture resistant waterproof membrane


Self-adhesive waterproof membrane with fast reaction adhesive strength and strong cross membrane

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