Polymer modified bitumen root puncture resistant waterproof membrane
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Polymer modified bitumen root puncture resistant waterproof membrane

The polymer modified asphalt root puncture-resistant waterproof membrane is based on long-fiber polyester fiber felt, special composite copper tire base or copper foil tire base, and is coated with imported chemical root inhibitor SBS modified asphalt. Material, both sides are covered with polyethylene film, fine sand or mineral pellets as a modified asphalt coiled material.
Has the following characteristics:
● It has the dual functions of waterproofing and preventing plant root penetration, can withstand the puncture of plant roots, and maintain the waterproof function for a long time;
● It prevents root puncture and does not affect the normal growth of plants;
● A high-strength waterproof layer can be formed, which has strong resistance to pressure water, and is resistant to puncture, buckling, tearing, and fatigue;
● High tensile strength, large thickness of modified asphalt coating layer, strong adaptability to shrinkage deformation and cracking of base layer;
● Excellent high and low temperature resistance, suitable for cold and hot areas;
● Corrosion resistance, mold resistance, good weather resistance;
● Construction by hot melt method, convenient construction and reliable and durable thermal joints.
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The main purpose

It is suitable for planting roofs and the puncture-resistant layer of plant roots on the roof of underground buildings that need to be greened to ensure that the plant roots do not damage the structure below the level and have a waterproof function.

System structure level and structure points

The planting system is generally composed of vegetation layer, planting soil, filter water storage layer, drainage layer, protective layer, polymer modified asphalt root puncture waterproof layer, ordinary SBS modified asphalt waterproof layer, leveling layer, thermal insulation layer, slope layer, Structural board and other layers:

Structure board: It must be cast-in-place reinforced concrete. When the slope of the roof is greater than 15%, anti-skid measures shall be taken for the waterproof layer, drainage layer and planting soil layer. When the slope of the roof is greater than 50%, it is not suitable for planting.

Slope search: The roof slope should be 2%. When the slope length is less than 4m, cement mortar can be used to find the slope; when the slope length is 4-9m, the material for slope selection can be aerated concrete, light ceramsite concrete, expanded perlite cement mortar or vermiculite cement mortar; 9m, the structure should be used to find slope.

Insulation layer: Polystyrene foam plastic board, polyethylene foam plastic board and hard foam polyurethane sprayed on site should be selected as insulation layer. The thickness of the planting soil is greater than 800mm, and heat insulation layer may not be provided.

Leveling layer: 1: 2.5 cement mortar can be used to lay a leveling layer of cement mortar with a thickness of 20 mm to 25 mm. The leveling layer shall be provided with division joints with a spacing not greater than 6m.

Ordinary SBS modified bitumen waterproof layer: 4mnm or 5mm SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane should be used for the channel waterproof treatment and hot melt construction.

Polymer modified asphalt root puncture waterproof layer: 4mm or 5mm modified asphalt root puncture waterproof membrane is used, both with root resistance and waterproof function, hot melt construction.

Protective layer: 200g / m2 polyester non-woven fabric can be used, the construction method is empty paving, and the width of tapping is 200mm.

Drainage layer: plastic drainage board with a height of 8-20mm can be used for empty paving construction, and the overlap width is not less than 150mm. Lightweight ceramsite or pebbles with a particle size of less than 25mm can also be used as the drainage layer, with a thickness of 80--100mm. In arid areas with little rain (annual total precipitation is less than 400mm), a drainage layer may not be provided; when the planter's thickness is less than 150mm or greater than 1500mm, a drainage layer may not be provided. A drainage plate with water storage function can also be selected, and only one layer of filtration needs to be provided on it.

Filtration and water storage layer: chemical fiber felt and mineral wool mat with a density greater than 400g / m2 can be used, laid on the drainage layer, and the lap width is 100mm. The seam should be stitched with thread. When the thickness of the planting soil is greater than 500mm, there is sufficient water storage capacity, and it is not necessary to provide a water storage layer, and a 200g / m2 polyester non-woven fabric can be used as a filter layer.

Planting soil: Modified soil or compound planting soil should be used for roof planting, and garden soil should be used for the basement roof planting. The thickness of the planting soil is determined according to the plant species.


Waterproof construction points

Basic treatment

The waterproof base must be cleaned to ensure firmness, dryness and smoothness (tan)

The uneven surface of the construction surface should be repaired or smoothed first, and the corners and inner corners should also be rounded (rolled) in advance. Coat all construction surfaces completely with base treatment agent and wait for them to dry completely.

Add waterproof layer to node details

General details such as three-sided yin and yang corners, gutters, eaves, deformation joints and other parts are added with an additional layer of special coiled material in accordance with relevant specifications.

Ordinary waterproof layer construction

Hot melt construction.

Construction of root-proof waterproof layer

Hot melt construction, the construction method is the same as the ordinary modified asphalt waterproof coil construction method.

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The performance of the above series of products includes basic performance and application performance. The base wood performance fiber contains "Polymer Modified Asphalt Root Piercing Waterproof Coiled Material" (see Table 2). The application performance meets the requirements of GB / T35468-2017 "Root puncture resistant waterproof membrane for planting roof" (see Table 1)




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