Self-adhesive waterproof membrane with fast reaction adhesive strength and strong cross membrane
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Self-adhesive waterproof membrane with fast reaction adhesive strength and strong cross membrane

● Fast-reaction adhesive strength cross-film self-adhesive membrane is a high-performance, cold-resistant composite of a special cross-laminated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) strong film and high-quality polymer self-adhesive rubber asphalt through a special process Construction self-adhesive composite membrane waterproof membrane. The coiled material has super strong adhesion, excellent dimensional stability, thermal stability, UV resistance and bidirectional tearing performance.
● The strong cross film used in this product is a high-strength HDPE film formed by cross lamination and lamination process. The film film made by this process has the same vertical and horizontal elongation, the roll material will not be deformed, more beautiful and waterproof The effect is more reliable.
● Using high-quality pressure-sensitive reaction self-adhesive layer, which can be quickly combined with the concrete base, its excellent self-healing performance and local self-locking water performance greatly reduce the probability of leakage. The polymer (chain segment) in the roll material and the cement hydrate (silicate network) form an (interface) interpenetrating network structure, which eventually forms a mechanical bond with the paper and is permanently sealed to the cement cement material Component.
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main feature

Strong double-layer superimposed film, with higher tear strength and dimensional stability, waterproof performance is better than ordinary film.

The vertical and horizontal network structure design effectively solves the phenomenon that the tireless HDPE polymer sheet is easy to wrinkle and bulge after construction.

The mask is technically treated and has anti-ultraviolet radiation performance. Even if it is exposed for a long time after construction, it will not affect the appearance quality of the product, and the time can reach about 6 months.

Excellent high and low temperature resistance, can adapt to climate change in hot and cold areas. Excellent elongation and tensile properties, adapt to the deformation of the structural base.

Excellent self-healing performance of high-quality self-adhesive layer and local self-locking water performance greatly reduce the probability of leakage.

It has unique puncture resistance, self-healing and continuous tear resistance, and the nail rod has excellent water tightness.

Innovative construction method selection, dry, wet, empty and pre-paving anti-sticking methods can be used to reduce labor intensity and better meet the requirements of the grassroots.

A wide range of 1m--2m is available, which can reduce the overlap and make the construction faster, especially suitable for large-area construction.

Safety and environmental protection, the construction of self-adhesive coiled material is cold construction, which is friendly to the environment and eliminates hidden safety hazards on the construction site.


Scope of application

Used for waterproofing of non-exposed roofs, underground waterproofing projects, and open-cut subways, tunnels, pools, water channels and other projects, especially suitable for projects where open flames are not allowed; cement mortar is used to bond with the base layer, and self-adhesive bonding should be used between coil Pick up.

Technical performance index

Executive standard: "Strong cross-laminated membrane polymer reaction adhesive waterproof membrane" enterprise standard reference standard: GB / T35467-2017 "wet waterproof membrane


Strong cross membrane product performance

The ordinary film is a uniaxially stretched film. The self-adhesive film produced by this film will wrinkle when it encounters temperature changes after paving, and it will easily cause the film to be torn when the deformation is too large.

The strong film is produced by multiple layers of specially formulated films through multiple processes such as crossover and lamination. It overcomes many shortcomings of ordinary films, and has the characteristics of great tensile strength, sun resistance, no foam, etc., technical indicators It can meet the requirements of the national standard for type II waterproof membrane, and can be used as the surface material of waterproof membrane.


Self-adhesive layer releases crack stress


Construction method

Clean the surface of the base layer, the base layer can be wet, but there must be no clear water. In the wet-laying method, the dry base needs to be sprinkled with water to wet it; in the dry-laying method, the base treatment agent can be applied directly on the dry base.

In the plane waterproof construction, it is required to lay out the coil material, and then lay the coil material in sequence, and the longitudinal overlap width of the coil material and the coil material is 80mm, and the lateral overlap width is 100mm, so that the coil material is laid neatly and lapped. After receiving the specifications, roll the rolls one by one and proceed to the next step.

Adopting not less than 42.5 ordinary portland cement and appropriate amount of water to make slurry, water-cement ratio is 0.4, use electric mixer to stir for 1-2min, mix well and let stand for 5-8min.

Scrape the mixed cement slurry evenly on the base layer with a scraper, spread the waterproof coiled material on the surface of the base layer while applying the cement slurry, and exhaust and roll firmly.

Additional layers must be added according to the specifications and design requirements. The additional layer can be made of self-adhesive coiled material or double-sided self-adhesive tape. The sealing end and joints of the coiled material should be sealed with matching sealing paint.


1. The base layer should be level and dry during the construction by dry paving method, and the base layer treatment should be carried out with special base layer treatment agent.

2. When using the wet paving method, the air in the coiled material needs to be expelled, and the roller and the roller are pressed to make the coiled material and the cement gel fully sticky. After the acceptance of the membrane waterproof layer is passed, it should be protected as soon as possible to prevent it from exposure and physical damage.

3. For the damaged part, the surface of the damaged part must be cleaned up, repaired with self-adhesive coiled material, and the width of the overlap with the surrounding is not less than 100 mm.

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