Spray polyurea elastomer waterproof coating
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Spray polyurea elastomer waterproof coating

The company successfully developed the polyurea elastomer waterproof coating using foreign professional technology. The product is based on isocyanate compounds as the A component and amine compounds as the B component. The elasticity generated by the mixing reaction of the two components is applied by the spray construction process Body waterproof coating.
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Can be widely used in various fields and types of waterproof and anti-corrosion projects:

High-speed railway, tunnel, concrete pavement bridge deck waterproofing.

Waterproofing of various industrial and civil building roofing projects.

Waterproofing of municipal projects such as subways, sewage treatment plants, and landfills.

Waterproofing and dampproofing of underground works of industrial and civil buildings and waterproofing of structures such as indoor swimming pools and fire fighting pools.

Waterproof and anticorrosion of water conservancy facilities such as water channels and pools.

Waterproof and anti-corrosion of sports fields, stadiums and runways.

Waterproof and anticorrosive for industrial storage tanks and large components.

Abrasion-resistant and waterproof layers such as bridges, aprons, industrial floors, and parking lots.

Performance characteristics

High reaction activity and fast curing speed.

High solid content, no organic matter volatilization, non-toxic, pollution-free green environmental protection spraying technology.

It is not sensitive to temperature and humidity, and is less affected by ambient temperature and humidity during construction.

Good stability at low temperature and high temperature.

Weather resistance and aging resistance are good.

Excellent waterproof, decoration, anti-corrosion, anti-slip function.

It has strong adhesion with metal and non-metal substrates. Such as steel, aluminum, concrete, wood, fiberglass, polyurethane foam, etc.

The coating has excellent physical properties. Such as tensile strength, tear strength, impact strength, adhesion, cathode peeling resistance, insulation strength, elongation, wear resistance, etc., excellent low temperature physical properties.

Use complete equipment for spraying, which can be applied on site, fast curing and high production efficiency.

According to the use requirements, various pigments and fillers can be added to make coatings with different colors and functions.

Construction Introduction

Substrate processing (special primer for coating)

Because the curing speed of sprayed polyurea elastomer is extremely fast, the requirements for substrate treatment are strict.

1. The surface of the base should be compacted and flat, and there should be no looseness, sand, or peeling; garbage and debris must be cleaned; the base should be kept dry before construction, and construction should be in accordance with the construction specifications and design requirements.

2. Repair existing defects on the substrate surface. For different substrates, corresponding supporting materials can be used to repair surface holes, cracks and other defects, and make the necessary preparations for forming a smooth, smooth, and beautiful coating.

3. In order to improve the adhesion and shear strength of the coating film and the base layer, the special surface can be shot blasted, sandblasted, and sanded.

4. After the treatment of key parts is completed, a high-permeability primer must be applied to the surface of the base. In order to ensure the matching and compatibility of the coating and the substrate.


The spraying construction shall be carried out according to the construction process and scheme designed according to the actual site conditions. For special-shaped structures and weak locations, pre-enhanced spraying should be carried out. The overall construction of the spraying should be completed within 4H as much as possible. If it exceeds 4H, the reinforcement layer should be polished, brushed or sprayed with an interlayer standing mixture, and the polyurea coating should be applied after 20 minutes. When applying polyurea coating, ensure that the coating is uniform. Before construction, the slag and debris on the substrate must be cleaned up before construction.

Storage and transportation

Unused raw materials should be stored in well-sealed barrels to avoid moisture intrusion and affect raw material quality. The ideal raw material storage temperature is 25 ± 5 ℃. The storage period is 6 months.



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