Polymer cement (JS) waterproof coating
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Polymer cement (JS) waterproof coating

JS composite waterproof coating is a green environmental protection waterproof coating, residential building waterproof coating. The material is a two-component waterproof coating composed of organic liquid material and inorganic powder. It has the dual characteristics of high elasticity of organic materials and good durability of inorganic materials. After coating, it can form a waterproof coating of high strength.
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Can be directly constructed on the damp or dry base material of various materials, the facade does not flow;

The coating has high strength, toughness, water resistance, weather resistance and excellent durability;

Can add pigment to form a color coating;

Water-based paint, non-toxic, odorless, pollution-free and environmentally friendly;

Simple construction, short construction period, can be constructed on wet base, strong adhesion;

The coating has certain air permeability, even if the base layer is wet, the waterproof layer will not bulge


Scope of application

JS composite waterproof coating can be constructed on damp or dry masonry, mortar, concrete, metal, wood, hard plastic, glass, gypsum board, foam board, asphalt, rubber, SBS coil, APP coil, polyurethane, etc. , Both old and new industrial and civil buildings (eg houses, walls, underground, tunnels, bridges, pools, reservoirs, toilets, kitchens) can be used.

Technical performance index


Construction process

Grassroots processing

The surface of the base layer should be flat, solid, free of sharp objects, floating dust, clear water, and oil stains;

The yin and yang angle and the root of the pipe should be made into a circular arc shape, the yin angle radius is greater than 25mm, the yang angle radius is greater than 5mm;

The unevenness and cracks must be leveled first, and the leakage must be plugged.


If you need to add water, add water to the liquid first, add the powder slowly while stirring with a stirrer, stir for 5 minutes, stir evenly until the material does not contain pellets, the prepared material should be used up within 2 hours, otherwise the viscosity The increase will affect the construction.

The weight proportioning method of the paint is formulated according to the marked proportion on the product packaging. The amount of water added can be adjusted appropriately to adjust the viscosity of the paint to meet the construction of the facade and flat parts.

Additional waterproof layer

Insert the sealing material in the groove, and paint on the yin and yang corners, tube roots and other details multiple times (2-4 times), and it is advisable to add a house carcass reinforcement in the underground works.

Large surface waterproof layer construction

Waterproof coating for large-area construction should be brushed multiple times, generally 4 layers of paint, special projects can be painted in 5 layers. The coating time of each layer is generally 8 hours, and it should be extended in winter. The first pass should be thinly coated with 0.2- -0.3mm, and the thickness of each coat should be 0.4-0.5mm, and the amount of paint is about 0.8kg / m2, unfavorable-over-thickness, it is better not to add water or add less water to the facade construction, so as to prevent the paint from flowing, so that the thickness of the facade is not easy to reach the design thickness, and at the same time lead to excessive accumulation of yin and yang corners, resulting in cracks. When adding the carcass material, the carcass should be flat, without wrinkles, and the lap should be no less than 100mm. Apply the paint once during construction, and then apply the paint once again. After the coating waterproof layer is completed and passed the acceptance, the finished product shall be protected.


The environment below 0 ℃ and the rain and snow weather can not be constructed, indoor construction can be insulated;

Materials should be used with the use, after the mixture is cured, it can not be used after adding water;

Neutral inorganic pigments should be used for color coating:

The brushing interval between each layer should be based on the previous dry and non-stick coating, and the coating direction of the two layers should be vertical.

Packaging, transportation and storage

JS liquid material is sealed in plastic drums, and powder material is sealed in plastic bags.

Prevent rain and collision during transportation, and keep the packaging intact.

The liquid material storage temperature is above 5 ℃, and the powder material is stored in a cool and dry place.

The shelf life of storage is not less than 6 months, and it can be used only after passing the re-examination.


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