Waterborne (951) polyurethane waterproof coating
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Waterborne (951) polyurethane waterproof coating

One-component water-based polyurethane waterproof coating is a new type of waterproof material encouraged by the state. Because of its excellent performance, simple construction, easy to guarantee the waterproof effect, and long service life, it has been widely used in various waterproof and anti-seepage projects.
The single-component water-based colorful polyurethane waterproof coating is made of VAE and acrylic copolymer emulsion as the base material and modified by a specific process. It has the characteristics of high elasticity of organic materials and good durability of inorganic materials, and its comprehensive performance reaches domestic High quality level of similar products. It was approved as a product recommended by China Construction Industry Association.
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Scope of application

Roofing: all kinds of new and old flat inclined roofs and gutter cornices, especially suitable for waterproof and impervious parts of irregular shapes. Ground construction: waterproof and moisture-proof finishes for toilets, kitchens, sinks and external walls. Underground buildings: internal and external walls, bottom plates, underground tunnels, elevator rooms, etc. Used in combination with various waterproof membranes or waterproof coatings to improve the waterproof effect and durability. Combined with SBS waterproof coiled material, the waterproof effect can reach more than 25 years.

Material characteristics

Water-based, single-component, color adjustable, non-toxic and odor-free, easy to construct, environmentally friendly polymer waterproof material.

High elongation will be formed after coating. The integrated seamless rubber-plastic layer with high tensile strength has good waterproof effect.

There are no joints in liquid normal temperature construction, which is especially advantageous for construction sites with complicated shapes and no open flames.

High solid content, good physical and mechanical properties, good water resistance, good weather resistance, good durability, can be exposed waterproof.

It is best for waterproofing and repairing works in toilets, baths, walls and walls.

Excellent aging resistance, stable performance under ultraviolet, heat, light and oxidation, and long service life of materials.

Construction method

According to the standard of 5.1 in GB50207-94 "Technical Specifications for Roof Engineering":

Base layer treatment: the base layer must be flat, firm, clean, without bright water, and the yin and yang corners should be made into a circular arc shape. The old roof should be cleaned of the original cracked, bulging waterproof house and dust. The low-concave damaged parts should be leveled. The leak-proof parts should be plugged first, and the base should be leveled without clear water. Special parts such as water drop openings and lattice joints should be treated with flexible seals first. The brushing procedure generally begins with yin and yang angles, then vertical planes, and finally large-scale construction.

Primer construction: mix water and paint in a 1: 3 weight ratio, mix well and use. The use of primer can improve the permeability of the coating to the base layer and enhance the adhesion.

Applying paints: Rolling, scraping and brushing methods are acceptable for construction. Thin-layer multiple-coating method should be used. Each brushing should not be too thick. It is generally divided into 3-4 brushes with a total thickness of 1.5-- 2.0mm. The coating can be applied again after the coating is dried and formed into a film. The weak link should be covered with carcass reinforcement.

After the surface of each coat is dry, it should be inspected for construction quality, and repairs should be made if there are missing coatings and drums.


Before the construction, the paint should be fully stirred evenly, and water should not be added at will except the primer to ensure the quality.

Overlaying carcass reinforcement materials, generally should be pasted in the second coat.

It is strictly forbidden to construct under 5 ℃ or in rain and snow. Before the coating film is completely dried, other operations shall not be carried out on the coating layer, so as not to damage the protective layer and affect the waterproof effect.

In order to ensure the waterproof effect, it is recommended that the dosage of this paint should be more than 2.5 kg per square meter.

The precipitation is normal, and it can be used normally after stirring evenly.




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