Main products: polypropylene membrane, liquid membrane, leak plugging materials, metal roofing waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating, etc.

Bathroom Waterproofing Materials

Because the bathroom is part of the home, in addition to its relatively small area, so there is a certain choice of waterproofing materials for the bathroom area limitations. When we choose the bathroom waterproof coating, we have to consider the bathroom in the interior of a characteristic, in addition is a small space. So for the bathroom commonly used waterproof coating, individuals recommend the following four kinds of better results, and more environmentally friendly bathroom waterproofing materials.

Roof Waterproofing Materials

1, asphalt-type waterproofing materials. Natural asphalt, petroleum asphalt and coal asphalt as the main raw material, made of asphalt linoleum, paper-tread asphalt linoleum, solvent-based and water-emulsion asphalt or asphalt rubber coatings, plasters, with good adhesion, plasticity, water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

Metal Roofing Waterproof Coating

Metal roofing waterproof coating is based on high-quality polymer resin such as 100% pure acrylic emulsion, after adding a variety of special high-quality auxiliary materials refined from, is a high-performance high cross-linked water-based single-component high elasticity weatherproofing coating; supplemented by reinforcement or reinforced polyester cloth, usually using "a cloth three coating" construction process and The formation of a seamless waterproofing system, this system can be a one-time solution to the metal roofing after anti-corrosion and rust treatment of long-standing water leakage problem.

Leak Plugging Materials

It can be used with low amount of catalyst to adjust the foaming speed according to the actual construction needs in order to achieve the function of stopping water leakage. The reaction with water forms a foaming body, which has the function of stopping water leakage and filling the gap.

Waterproof Material Manufacturer

Waterproofing membrane is mainly used in building walls, roofs, and tunnels, highways, etc., to resist external rainwater, groundwater seepage of a flexible building materials products can be curled into a volume, as the foundation of the project and the leak-free connection between the building, is the first barrier to the entire project waterproofing, plays a vital role in the entire project. Products are mainly asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing and polymer waterproofing roll-roofing. The following waterproofing materials manufacturer details the construction methods and precautions for waterproofing roll-roofing materials.

Waterproof Coating Manufacturer

Before the construction of the roofing project, the construction unit should organize technical management personnel to review the roofing project drawings, master the construction drawings of the detailed structure and the relevant technical requirements and the actual situation of the project to prepare the construction plan or technical measures of the roofing project.

Bathroom Waterproofing Materials Environmentally Friendly Waterproofing Materials

Environmental protection waterproof material is a synthetic rubber or contract resin as the main film-forming substances, adding other auxiliary materials and formulated into a waterproof coating material. GS high elasticity environmental protection waterproof coating membrane is specially developed for home decoration,

Roofing Waterproofing Materials Non-curing Waterproof Coating

Non-curing waterproof coating to rubber, asphalt as the main component, add additives mixed made in the use of years to maintain the viscous paste body of waterproof coating. Non-curing waterproof coating (hereinafter referred to as non-curing coating) is rubber, asphalt, softening oil as the main component, add temperature control agent and filler mixture made in the use of years to maintain the sticky paste waterproof coating.

Basement Waterproofing Materials

How are basement waterproofing materials classified? In this question actually speaks to the issue of basement waterproofing material selection. Because we choose basement waterproofing materials, the first thing to clear the type of basement waterproofing materials, and then according to the different types of waterproofing materials to choose the right basement. For the basement waterproofing materials, individuals believe that is generally divided into three kinds: the first is the coating type of waterproofing coatings, the second is the coil type of waterproofing coatings, the third is the mortar type waterproofing materials. In the following to give you the answer to these three different waterproofing materials.

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