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Self-adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane manufacturers to talk about how to judge the waterproofing membrane is good or bad?

Self-adhesive polymer waterproofing roll-roofing manufacturers talk about how to judge the waterproofing roll-roofing good or bad?

1. the quality of manufacturers and products, it is recommended that still field visits to assess the scale of production manufacturers, to see the SBS modified asphalt, modifiers, asphalt materials storage capacity, whether it can meet the requirements of the amount needed for construction projects; asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing production workshop whether to use automatic batching, automatic rolling and equipment operation.

2. Using peel identification

First of all, elastic asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing materials have excellent elasticity, so you can peel the material layer by hand, stretch the asphalt layer, and then let go, if you can stretch for a long time, after releasing can also recover, that the product is modified asphalt do, if the asphalt can not stretch, the asphalt layer is inelastic, the coil can not spring back after breaking by hand, the surface layer cracking, then the surface asphalt layer is easy to remove by hand, the material may be mixed with a large amount of recycled rubber, or waste rubber and recycled rubber mixed with too much modifier, so that the quality of the product may not be guaranteed.

3. identification by fire

Elastomeric asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing additives for SBS modifier, lit by fire on the cardboard, gently stretch upward; poor quality waterproofing roll-roofing additives are waste rubber powder, burned on the cardboard, and then gently stretch upward, not stretch.

Self-adhesive polymer waterproofing roll-roofing manufacturers: construction techniques for waterproofing roll-roofing

1. first need to prepare waterproofing materials and a variety of construction tools, and then the specific construction process, first of all, the grass-roots treatment, construction must be cleaned up before the grass-roots level to ensure that there are no other lumps or debris, and to ensure that the grass-roots level of dryness, moisture content must be maintained within 9%.

2. coil paving process, in the paving process, must understand the size of the paving range, from low to high, ground paving, pay attention to the treatment of complex parts, such as the drainage holes in the corners and other places, to make an extra layer in these complex parts to prevent water leakage affects daily life.


Construction Technology of PVC Waterproof Rolls

1. Firstly, waterproof materials and various construction tools need to be prepared, followed by the specific construction process. Firstly, the treatment of the base layer must be carried out. Before construction, the base layer must be cleaned to ensure that there are no other lumps or debris, and the base layer must be dry, with a moisture content within 9%.

Talking about the scope of application of non-curing waterproof coatings

Application scope of non-curing waterproof coating   1, underground buildings   Such as subway tunnel waterproof plugging, pool cistern wall waterproof patching anti-corrosion heat insulation transformation, basement floor water leakage management repair reinforcement, etc.

Do you know what are the characteristics of non-curing waterproof coating?

Non-curing waterproofing coating is not need to heat to a certain temperature on the construction of the material. There are many types of such materials, such as: polyurethane waterproofing roll-roofing and non-vulcanized rubber-based polymer emulsions belong to such products; in addition, there are acrylic polymer cement mortar and modified epoxy resin cement also belongs to this category.

Introduction to the construction steps of liquid coil

Liquid membrane is a highly elastic rubber waterproofing material, with water instead of organic solvents, green and environmentally friendly. After painting and coil effect is the same, so compared with ordinary coil construction is very simple. And not subject to any complex grass-roots shape restrictions, can be made into a continuous overall highly elastic seamless waterproof membrane, is an ideal environmentally friendly waterproof coating.

Do you need to prepare anything before the construction of roofing membrane waterproofing?

Before the construction of the roofing project, the construction unit should organize technical management personnel to review the roofing project drawings, master the construction drawings of the detailed structure and the relevant technical requirements and the actual situation of the project to prepare the construction plan or technical measures of the roofing project. This avoids leaving defects after construction, resulting in rework, while the project is planned according to the construction organization to prevent work omissions, mistakes, reversals affect the quality of the project.