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Pre-laid polymer self-adhesive film (non-asphalt-based) waterproof membrane




Polymer self-adhesive film (non-asphalt-based) waterproof membrane is a waterproof material specially developed for building waterproof pre-paved parts. The membrane consists of polymer sheet, polymer self-adhesive film and anti-adhesive layer Non-asphalt-based polymer pre-paved waterproof membrane developed for fusion with concrete structure. <br/> Under the action of pressure, the polymer self-adhesive film and the uninitialized cement slurry will creep through the anti-sticking layer to form an effective interpenetrating bond and a huge intermolecular force. After the concrete is cured, the gap between the polymer pre-paved waterproof membrane and the main body of the structure is permanently sealed to the utmost extent, completely eliminating the channel for water channeling.


Pre-laid polymer self-adhesive film (non-asphalt-based) waterproof membrane


Modified asphalt waterproof membrane for road bridge and high-speed railway

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