One-component polyurethane waterproof coating
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One-component polyurethane waterproof coating

One-component polyurethane waterproof coating is a reactive moisture-curing polymer waterproof coating. It is based on isocyanate and polyether as the main materials, and is mixed with various latent solidifiers, plasticizers and other additives. The process is formed by high temperature dehydration and polymerization. When used, it is coated on the waterproof base layer, and the chemical reaction between the -NCO end group in the polyurethane prepolymer and the air in the air forms a tough, soft drink and seamless rubber waterproof film on the surface of the base layer.
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Scope of application

It is suitable for waterproof construction of various civil and industrial buildings such as level, basement, toilet and swimming pool. It is more suitable for waterproof projects with complex shapes and vertical and horizontal parts of pipes.


On-site operation is easy, and construction is convenient. The requirements for the moisture content of the base layer are not critical, and it can be applied on a humid base surface or under conditions of relatively high humidity.

Polyurethane coating has high tensile strength, high elongation, good elasticity, high temperature resistance and low temperature performance, and has strong adaptability to shrinkage and cracking deformation of the base layer.

One-time brushing can reach 1-3mm thick, the coating film is dense, no pinholes and no bubbles.

Strong adhesion, no need to apply base treatment agent on various bases that meet the requirements.

The color is adjustable, which can meet the humanized requirements of different customers for different surface colors.

Construction process

The base layer needs to be firm, smooth and free of debris. The female and male corners should be rounded. The female corner diameter should be greater than 50mm and the male corner diameter should be greater than 10mm. Ingredients and dosage: According to the construction dosage, stir and use evenly. The reference dosage is: the dosage of 1mm thick coating is about 1.3-1.5kg / m2.

Large-area waterproof construction: apply the mixed paint evenly with rubber or plastic scraper, the thickness is required to be the same, generally 1.5mm-2.0mm, it should be applied in 3 to 4 times, and the subsequent paint should be applied before After curing and forming a film, and painting in a vertical direction, it is generally a separate film, and an additional layer of carcass reinforcing material should be laid on the underground engineering floor.

Thickness of coating film: 1.2-2.0mm for underground works, generally 1.5mm, and toilet room should not be less than 1.5mm. When exposed roofing works adopt multiple waterproofing, each thickness is not less than 1.2mm, and the waterproof level is III When a roof is fortified, the waterproof thickness is not less than 2mm. When the carcass reinforcement is laid between the coatings, the thickness of the coating under the carcass is not less than 1.0mm and the coating on the top is not less than 0.5mm.

Construction of the finish layer: Before the final coating, the sand is skimmed and cleaned on the surface before the paint is cured.

Protection layer: The surface of the coating waterproof layer should be isolated and protected according to the design requirements.

Storage and transportation matters

Keep materials in a dry and ventilated room;

Prevent sun and rain during transportation, prevent collision, pay attention to fire prevention;

The storage period of the product is half a year. After the storage period, it must be re-examined before it can be used.

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