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Introduction to the Characteristics of Reactive Adhesive Waterproof Roll Products




The characteristics of reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane products are the use of their reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane base or waterproof layer bonding, cold structure and self bonding, energy-saving, low-carbon, environmental protection, and economic; Strong corrosion resistance, good low-temperature flexibility, high elongation, high tensile strength, and strong adaptability to matrix deformation; Retain self-adhesive layer at overlapping edges. The self-adhesive joint maintains good waterproof performance, and the self-adhesive joint maintains the same service life as the coil; The adhesive performance between the self-adhesive joint and the base layer is excellent.

The pre laying construction method is used for reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane, which is firmly bonded to the structural layer of the post poured building, effectively preventing damage to the membrane due to foundation movement. Not using hot melt construction can reduce air pollution. The high tensile strength modified asphalt surface layer has a large thickness and strong adaptability to the shrinkage, deformation, and cracking of the base layer.

As long as there is no obvious water accumulation, construction can be carried out; Convenient construction, no use of open flames, and no pollution to the air environment; Its unique bonding mechanism, wet paving construction. After the reaction between the reaction adhesive waterproof membrane and cement slurry, the foundation of the building is firmly bonded together to achieve permanent and complete bonding; Construction can be carried out under various weather conditions. Reactive adhesive waterproof rolls shall be executed in accordance with the national standard GB/T23457-2017 "Prefabrication of Waterproof Rolls". During concrete pouring, a special high polymer polymer with a layer of reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane is used for wet curing reaction bonding, and the membrane is permanently bonded to the structural layer. The waterproof layer can be tightly combined with the concrete structure layer without the risk of water leakage in the middle. Even if the membrane is partially damaged, the penetration point will be limited to a small range, improving the reliability of the waterproof layer. The reactive adhesive waterproof membrane and base layer are not affected by the settlement and deformation of the base layer during laying, and have excellent impact and puncture resistance. They can withstand the load directly acting on them and the impact of the steel skeleton, without the need for additional protection, and can directly pour reinforced concrete.

In addition, the synthetic adhesive and elastic coating on the surface have strong self-healing ability, unique self-healing ability, and minimal construction damage; Strong resistance to chemical corrosion, good alkaline water resistance of self concrete, free from domestic waste and biological damage, mold resistant and corrosion-resistant pre laying construction, low requirements for the base layer, unaffected by weather and moisture, with unique and obvious advantages;

The above is an introduction to the characteristics of reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane products. For more information about reactive adhesive waterproofing membrane, please feel free to contact us at any time! Our company has many years of experience and we look forward to your joining at any time.