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The following explains the introduction and advantages of rubber asphalt non-curing waterproof coating

The following explains the introduction and advantages of rubber asphalt non curing waterproof coatings

New waterproof material: Rubber asphalt non curing waterproof coating, which will not solidify even after being placed for a long time after construction, can maintain the original performance of the waterproof material and extend the service life of the waterproof layer. Its "non curing" performance is mainly determined by its solid content. Other waterproof coatings can be constructed by mixing with water or other solvents during construction, but the waterproof layer solidifies with the volatilization of solvents after construction.

The solid content of rubber asphalt non curing waterproof coating is above 99%, and special equipment is used during construction without adding solvents. Even after a long time, it will not solidify and maintain its performance.

The main raw materials used in the production of unvulcanized rubber asphalt waterproof coatings are waste tire powder, asphalt, and special additives. These additives have the function of extracting carbon black, natural rubber, SBS, and antioxidants from waste tires, playing a special catalytic role in the production process, and can form stable chemical bonds between asphalt and various polymers.



The so-called chemical bond is to cut off the double bond between the polymer and asphalt, and the cut polymer and asphalt molecule combine to maintain balance, so as to form a chemical bond between the polymer and asphalt. In this way, the combined polymer and asphalt can give play to their respective properties in a stable state, thus improving the content of cured products, stability and product performance of the coating.

In recent years, the development of building waterproofing materials and technology in China has been rapid, and waterproofing materials have emerged in an endless stream. However, the leakage rate of buildings remains high, mainly due to the traditional way of thinking that only one waterproofing layer is used to block water and rely on the building structure for drainage. However, the fault tolerance rate of the waterproofing layer is too low. If the structural base layer, materials, construction, and later maintenance are not in place, leakage will inevitably occur.

In order to solve the above problems, we must find a material with high fault tolerance, which is our rubber asphalt non curing waterproof coating. This material is the core technology and a special additive, which will not solidify in long-term contact with air. The product maintains an elastic plastic colloid for a long time. Below, we will introduce the advantages of rubber asphalt non curing waterproof coating.

Advantages of rubber asphalt non curing waterproof coating

1. Never solidify, with a solidified content of over 99% and almost no volatile matter. It always maintains its original colloidal state after construction.

2. Durable, corrosion-resistant, high and low temperature resistant, good extensibility, environmentally friendly, odorless, pollution-free, and non flammable.

3. Strong adhesion, capable of construction on damp substrates, and able to bond with any foreign objects.

4. Good flexibility, high elongation, suitable for deformation of the base layer.

5. Strong self-healing ability, even if the waterproof layer is damaged during construction, it can repair itself and maintain a complete waterproof layer.

6. The construction is simple, and can be done by scraping or spraying at room temperature or below zero.

7. It can prevent water from escaping from the waterproof layer and is easy to maintain and manage.

8. It can be used together with other waterproof materials to form a composite waterproof layer and improve the waterproof effect; The construction materials will not separate and can form a stable overall seamless waterproof layer.

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