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To tell you about the characteristics of non-curing waterproofing coatings and the applicable places

To tell you about the characteristics of non-curing waterproofing coatings and the applicable places

The characteristics of non-curing waterproofing coatings

1. non-curing waterproofing coatings should be used as adhesives with waterproofing roll-roofing materials, can not be used alone.

2. rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a new special rubber waterproof coating using polymer synthesis technology, epoxy resin and resin groups added to make the product more multi-functional and environmentally friendly, color steel tile metal roofing waterproof coating gives the new product more waterproof function, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane construction steps with anti-corrosion, moisture, mold and other functions, the choice of imported materials and domestic high-quality auxiliary materials, in accordance with national Industry standards high-level directives to produce high-quality products, the Ministry of Construction as a key promotion products, long service life, convenient construction, long-term immersion in water up to 50 years or more.



3. The characteristics of non-curing waterproof coating

Non-curing waterproof coating has a wide range of applications, weather resistance, acid resistance, no deformation, long service life, high tensile strength, elongation, the advantages of the grass-roots shrinkage cracking deformation adaptability, the use of temperature range of -40 degrees -100 degrees, etc., excellent anti-corrosion performance, anti-corrosion life of up to 50 years, known as the "king of waterproofing and corrosion"

After curing, the product becomes a highly elastic, no seam rubber-like waterproofing anti-corrosion layer, is a continuous closed system, in the top surface, plane, facade, color steel tile metal roofing waterproof coating slope and other dry base surface bonding firm, any complex shape, pipe vertical and horizontal parts are very easy to construct.

Non-curing waterproof coating manufacturers talk about the application of the coating places:

1. industrial and civil building roof and sidewall waterproofing project.

2. Planting roof waterproofing project.

3. Underground structures, subway stations, tunnels and other waterproofing projects.

4. Roads, bridges, railroads and other waterproofing projects.

5. Dam, water conservancy facilities and other waterproofing projects.

The process principle of non-curing rubber asphalt coating

Non-curing rubber asphalt coating is made of rubber, asphalt and special additives composed of elastoplastic gel, long-term contact with air will not cure, with good adhesion, can replace the cold rubber as a cold glue construction of waterproofing materials.

Waterproofing construction encountered seasonal problems are mainly two: one is the rainy season continued rainy weather, wet foundation surface affect the construction, the second is in the winter cold weather construction, ordinary waterproofing materials can not cope with the extremely cold climate below minus 10.

In building waterproofing construction, we are afraid of the impact of the weather, non-curing rubber asphalt coating with the epidermal waterproofing concept and outstanding low-temperature flexibility, to overcome the construction of such bad weather problems, waterproof construction for the smooth implementation of a better choice and guarantee.

Through the above introduction, I think you should have a relevant understanding of the application of non-curing rubber asphalt coating manufacturer of the coating place and process principle, I hope it will help you, well thank you for watching, let us see you next time.