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Let's take a look at a few outstanding properties of rubber asphalt non-curing waterproof coating

Let's take a look at a few outstanding properties of rubber asphalt non-curing waterproof coating

Rubber asphalt non-curing waterproof coating and coil composite application, can meet the construction requirements of different climates, different projects, with fatigue resistance, creep resistance, not water tampering and other comprehensive application of asphalt waterproof coating performance, the outstanding features of the product.


The product selection of special elastoplastic body modified asphalt, elastoplastic body with rubber toughness and damping properties, fully compatible with asphalt, giving modified asphalt good elongation and elasticity, can adapt to grass-roots expansion or cracking deformation of the waterproofing system, the presence of elastic plastic energy can absorb stress from the grass-roots level, protect the waterproof layer from being destroyed, active and effective in closing the tiny cracks in the grass-roots level, thereby improving reliability of waterproofing layer and extend its life.

(2) bonding performance

Product bonding mainly depends on: high-quality petroleum asphalt contains about 70% of resin and resin, both have bonding; modified asphalt is added to the high-performance elastomer, which improves the bond strength of the modified asphalt itself and the bond strength with the grass-roots level; adding liquid tackifying resin containing active ions in the system can reduce surface tension and improve the wettability of the grass-roots surface to ensure good bonding with the grass-roots level Bonding, adding special stabilizers, giving the product good thermal stability, chemical stability and UV aging resistance, to ensure that the bonding performance of the product is not affected by the external environment.

(3))Self-healing property

When the product contact, it will stick, when the external force, it will immediately deformation, in the construction and use process, the holes pierced by sand, nails and other hard objects can self-healing, watertight excellent, construction materials will not be separated, can form a continuous and complete closed waterproof layer, and even if the waterproof layer is damaged in the construction process, it can repair itself, effectively solve the problem of water tampering, to maintain the integrity and continuity of the waterproof layer.

(4) chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance

The product has chemical media corrosion resistance and aging resistance, it does not use the source of complex, highly unstable performance of waste tire rubber powder, and does not use volatile solvents, stable performance, in acid, alkali, salt media after immersion test, the performance remains above 98%, after heat treatment, the performance remains above 95%.

(5) Environmental performance

The raw materials selected for stable performance, tasteless and pollution-free, smoke and odorless in the preparation and construction process, in line with national energy-saving and environmental protection policies, environmental performance indicators are much lower than JC1066-2008 "limit of harmful substances in architectural waterproof coatings" solvent-based a class in the limit of various harmful substances specified in the index.

Rubber asphalt non-curing waterproof coating product application range

In recent years, rubber asphalt non-curing waterproofing coating in China's building waterproofing projects gradually increase in the application, the reason is that its products are always in a viscous state, the coating almost no stress transfer and other application characteristics, the product and coil composite composite waterproofing system, widely used in color steel roofing, roofing and ground, industrial and civil building roofing and underground construction projects, subway stations, tunnels, bridge waterproofing projects, etc. Various fields of non-exposed waterproofing projects.

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