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What is non-curing waterproof coating


   What is non-curing waterproof coating


The so-called non-solidifying materials is not need to heat to a certain temperature on the construction of materials. There are many types of such materials, such as: polyurethane waterproofing roll-roofing and non-vulcanized rubber-based polymer emulsions belong to such products; in addition, there are acrylic polymer cement mortar and modified epoxy resin cement also belongs to this category.

What are the characteristics of non-curing waterproof coating

1, environmentally friendly pollution-free

As the coating film-forming materials for water-soluble substances (i.e. water-based components), so no formaldehyde, benzene and heavy metal ions and other harmful gases and toxic and harmful substances, there is no impact on the environment.

2、Great bonding strength

Therefore, it can be used to enhance the surface of concrete or stone with complex structure, and also used as protective surface layer on masonry, and also used as reinforcement layer in prefabricated components.

3、Good anti-aging performance

Because the use of special anti-UV absorbers, so in the sunlight conditions will not occur under the chemical reaction and decomposition of deterioration, thus having a good durability performance.

4、Long service life

Because it is made of harmless water-based raw materials, and the use of imported high-quality raw and auxiliary materials, thus ensuring the quality of the product and the length of service life is not limited, generally up to 20 years or more.

5、Strong adaptability

Applicable to a variety of climatic conditions of the project building waterproofing requirements, including high-temperature humid areas, low-temperature dry areas and places with large temperature differences between indoor and outdoor can be used normally, and can be in a variety of environments in the normal production operations without any impact.

Application range of non-curing waterproof coating

1、Underground buildings

Such as subway tunnel waterproof plugging, pool cistern wall waterproof patching anti-corrosion heat insulation transformation, basement floor water leakage management repair reinforcement, etc..

2、Roof and wall

Roof garden planting roof greening and decoration, external wall renovation and decoration, wall crack repair, internal and external wall painting spraying waterproof fire retardant coating, etc.

3、Industrial plant

Chemical enterprises storage tank bottom plate, steel structure color steel tile roof protection anti-corrosion waterproof heat insulation cooling, acid and alkali neutralization and corrosion liquid storage container sealing liner anti-corrosion rust high temperature anti-corrosion waterproof, etc.

4、Bridge road

Bridge pier slope waterproof anti-corrosion, road expansion joint waterstop, installation and laying of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant high-elasticity hot-melt welding fixed bearings, waterproof and anti-vibration noise reduction and sound insulation vibration isolation, etc..

5、City garden

Sidewalks, flower beds, lawns, trees and plants maintenance, pruning, water manhole covers, drains, rainwater outlets, sewer inspection wells, sub-buried sewage treatment plants, pumping station equipment, etc.