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What kinds of waterproof coatings are available?

Waterproofing materials are the building envelope to prevent the infiltration of rain, snow and groundwater; to prevent the erosion of moisture, steam and other harmful gases and liquids in the air; and to separate the structure to prevent the seepage of drainage to the overturn. These materials against infiltration, seepage and erosion are collectively called.

Materials that prevent the intrusion of rainwater, groundwater, industrial and civil water supply and drainage, corrosive liquids, and moisture and vapor in the air into the building. The parts of the building that require waterproofing are mainly roofs, walls, floors and basements.

Waterproofing materials, a wide variety, according to its main raw materials are divided into four categories: ① asphalt class waterproofing materials:

① asphalt-type waterproofing materials. Natural asphalt, petroleum asphalt and coal asphalt as the main raw materials, made of asphalt linoleum, paper-tread asphalt linoleum, solvent-based and water-emulsion asphalt or asphalt-rubber-based coatings, ointment, with good adhesion, plasticity, water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.

② rubber and plastic-type waterproofing materials. Neoprene, butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyisobutylene and polyurethane and other raw materials, can be made of flexible tire waterproofing rolls, waterproof film, waterproof coatings, coating materials and plasters, mastics, water stops and other sealing materials, with high tensile strength, elasticity and elongation, bonding, water resistance and good weather resistance, etc., can be used cold, with a long service life.

③ cement-based waterproofing materials. The cement has the role of promoting the solidification of admixtures, such as water repellents, aerators and expansion agents, etc., can enhance the hydrophobicity of cement mortar and concrete and impermeability; to cement and sodium silicate as the base material configuration of the promotion of condensation mortar, can be used for underground engineering plugging waterproofing.

④ metal-type waterproofing materials. Thin steel plate, galvanized steel plate, pressed steel plate, coated steel plate, etc. can be used directly as a roof panel for waterproofing. Thin steel plate used in the basement or underground structures of metal waterproofing layer. Thin copper plate, thin aluminum plate, stainless steel plate can be made into the building deformation joints of the water stop. Metal waterproofing layer of the connection to be welded, and painted with rust-proof protective paint.