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What is a liquid membrane? What are the elements of construction?

Liquid coil, also known as polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, is a high elasticity waterproof coating produced by a scientific formula with petroleum asphalt as the basic raw material, modified by water-based polymer toughening, supplemented by natural mineral materials as an enhancing modifier. Le liquid membrane using a new formula, is a new waterproof material after upgrading the traditional coil. When used, the product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, can directly contact the water surface. Its high elasticity and toughness make the paint film cover the cracks of the substrate, thus extending the service life of the building.

Substrate surface treatment method

Construction of the substrate must be solid, flat, clean, no water, no bulging, loose, sand, peeling; otherwise it will cause the substrate drums, peeling, peeling; grass-roots yin and Yang corner should be made rounded, the slope of the flooding should meet the design requirements.

Basic surface treatment steps

Check the strength of the base surface with a mortar knife. No obvious scratches or loose objects are needed. Clean up the bumps and gravel bumps on the base surface. The base surface has holes to be repaired and leveled; the flatness error is large, there are obvious cracks and uneven places, first repair and level with cement mortar. Repair of joints:Repair joints, yin and yang corners, pipe roots, or water inlets and other joints; after the first coat, non-woven fabric should be laid as a strengthening layer.