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The use of liquid coils and precautions

Liquid coil material to styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymer thermoplastic elastomer as a modifier, modified petroleum asphalt, and add surfactants, emulsifiers, anti-mildew agent, water-based raw materials and other auxiliary materials, suitable for a variety of concrete masonry structure of the building façade waterproofing and moisture control treatment, liquid coil for roof, basement, garage, ground, kitchen, bathroom and other waterproofing and moisture control construction.

Construction procedures

1. grass-roots treatment: clean up the excess stains and dirt on the surface of the grass-roots level with water, and repair large cracks.

2. The first time: "liquid coil" with 10% of the water mixture and then coated or sprayed.

3. The second time: with "liquid coil" directly brush or spray

4. The third time: use "liquid coil" to brush or spray directly

5. The fourth time: with "liquid coil" directly brush or spray

6. The fifth time: in the premise of not tiling, it is recommended to do the protective layer, cementation.

Matters needing attention

Interior and exterior walls and facade waterproofing should be done more than three times, roofing and outdoor plane waterproofing should be done more than four times.

Brushing method

Brushing, rolling, scraping, spraying, etc. Each brush interval of 5 to 8 hours, the actual situation before the next coating does not stain the hands shall prevail. After the completion of the liquid coil coating, tiling when the moisture in the cement material is not easily absorbed, so tiling before the need to use backing, otherwise the façade tiles are easy to fall off, or choose liquid coil tiling for waterproof construction.

Liquid coil preventive measures

1. liquid volume material can be constructed on the wet base, but to ensure that the construction of grass-roots level on the absence of obvious water.

2. construction process each process must be in accordance with the process of construction, especially before and after the process of connecting the process must be carried out as required.

3. It is recommended to use the product once after opening the lid. If it is not used once, it needs to be resealed and kept.