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Introduce the construction steps of liquid coil

Liquid membrane is a high elastic rubber waterproofing material, water instead of organic solvents, green and environmentally friendly, after painting has the same effect as the coil, compared with the ordinary fire of the coil is very easy to construct. And not subject to any complex shape of the grass-roots level, can be made into a continuous overall high elasticity without joints waterproof membrane, is the ideal environmentally friendly waterproof coating.

Here is a brief introduction to the construction steps of liquid coil::

1, clear the surface of the base surface bright water, floating ash, oil, release agent and other stains; base surface should be flat, firm, no loose, sand.

2、Node treatment: the special node parts such as yin and Yang corners, joints, compartment joints and intersections of different materials should be plugged and sealed, and then the node parts should be painted once.

3、After opening the lid, it should be stirred evenly before construction.

4, the general scraping to 2-3 times, to ensure that the base surface without pinhole phenomenon, in multiple scraping; the first coating film curing time of 2-6 hours after [depending on the temperature and construction environment], the second layer of painting, painting direction and the first coating direction perpendicular.

Note: If the base surface cracking situation more cases can be first crack treatment, generally choose cement mortar treatment completed after the overall operation! Liquid coil construction process if the substrate is too dry it is recommended that the substrate be sprinkled with water and moistened first, otherwise it will be easy to pinhole situation.