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The performance advantages of liquid coil, do you know?

Liquid coil is made of petroleum resin as raw material, polymer silicone rubber as a modifier, formulated by solvent dissolution, the finished product is black viscous, fine and uniform gel-like liquid, highly elastic curing liquid waterproofing membrane cured to form a stable, continuous seamless waterproof film, with easy construction, high elastic wear-resistant scratch, shrinkage deformation of the substrate and cracking adaptability, high temperature is not deformed, low temperature is not brittle crack, can be in Damp substrate, low temperature environment and other harsh conditions under construction, etc., for exposed roof, balcony, basement, roof and other areas of waterproofing.

Liquid coil performance advantages

1, strong adhesion. Applicable to a variety of substrates, the substrate shrinkage or or cracking adaptability, stability and integrity is very good.

2, good elasticity, high elongation, flexibility is very good, very suitable for grass-roots deformation of the environment, the elongation rate of up to 600% or more.

3 Seamless joint. Overall seamless, to ensure worry-free waterproofing and make the waterproof layer more complete.

4 Construction is simple. Liquid coil unlike the traditional coil that requires the whole piece of splicing, liquid coil can be directly applied or sprayed, even in the face of irregular base surface, can also be easily constructed.

5、Easy maintenance. Liquid coil is in the form of paint adsorbed on the substrate, waterproofing test or construction is completed after the discovery of leakage or damage, and do not have to turn the whole work, directly in the damage again coated with liquid coil can be, the repair process is very convenient.