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How to construct liquid coiled materials? Come and collect it!

How to construct liquid coiled materials? Come and collect it!

Liquid coil operating procedures:

Clean the base surface → cure the base surface → apply the first coat → lay polyester non-woven fabric → apply the second coat

1. Clean the base surface

Remove stains such as water, dust, oil, and release agents from the base surface; The base surface should be flat, firm, without looseness or sand formation; Strengthen special positions such as internal and external corners, root canals, and cracks.

2. Base curing

Spray or roll coat the cleaned base surface with Ounike Sand Fixing Treasure for curing once, and ensure full coating without any leakage points.

3. Start construction

First coating: After opening the cover, it needs to be stirred evenly before construction. The first horizontal coating takes about 1 hour for the surface to dry. If it is necessary to lay non-woven fabric for reinforcement, immediately apply it after the first coat and press it tightly with a brush or roller, ensuring no hollowing or foaming.

Second coat: The second coat is applied longitudinally, with a film thickness of not less than 0.5mm.

4. Treatment of important parts

Special node areas such as internal and external corners, joints, dividing joints, and junctions of different materials need to be sealed and sealed, and these areas can be painted multiple times.