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Introduction to the advantages of liquid coiled materials

Liquid roll material is a water-based liquid roll material for roofs, also known as polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating. It is a high elastic waterproof coating produced through scientific formula using petroleum asphalt as the basic raw material, toughened and modified by water-based polymer, and supplemented with natural mineral materials as reinforcing modifiers. High elasticity, high viscosity, UV resistance, ready to use when opened, making construction simpler and more convenient than traditional coil materials.

1. Cracks and joint leakage

The common leakage of buildings is caused by cracks and joints. The liquid coiled material has good ductility and can effectively resist thermal expansion and structural stress. It is suitable for repairing all kinds of cracks and expansion joint.

2. Stronger toughness, not afraid of settlement and cracking

The coiled material of roof water-based liquid has stronger flexibility and can be used in various cracks prone building joints, joints, expansion joint and other materials, which cannot achieve long-term waterproof construction

3. High and low temperature resistance and freezing resistance

Tested at -50 ° C low temperature and 00 ° C high temperature

The liquid membrane waterproof material can be applied by opening the cover, and is simple and convenient to use. It can be applied on a damp substrate and has an electrochemical reaction with the substrate adhesion. Construction is flexible, and coating methods such as spraying, brushing, and scraping can be used.