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Talk about the characteristics of eco-liquid membrane waterproof coating

Eco-liquid coil waterproofing coating is an environmentally friendly material with good waterproofing performance, good adhesion, elongation, aging resistance, high temperature resistance and good low temperature resistance, green, direct painting, easy construction, applied to building roofs, underground buildings and other base waterproofing projects.

1、Product characteristics

Strong bonding: eco-liquid coil bonding force, and the grass-roots level to form a continuous dense overall waterproof layer.

Super elastic anti-cracking: eco-liquid coating film elasticity is very good (elongation at break? 600% or more) to resist grass-roots shrinkage and deformation cracking.

Wide use of parts: can be used for roofs, balconies, gutters and other parts, suitable for self-built roofs.

Green and environmental protection. Non-toxic and harmless, no irritating odor.

Open the barrel and use: the coil of eco-liquid is a single-component water-based coating, safe and environmentally friendly, open the barrel and use, convenient construction.

2、Construction process

Base surface treatment: first clean up the sand, dust and garbage on the base surface, if the base surface has fallen off powder, it is necessary to remove or reinforce the fall off powder part first.

Node processing: node parts such as yin and Yang corners, pipe joints or drainage openings, the use of water does not leak for arc sealing treatment.

Waterproof construction: roller or brush will be waterproof coating according to the "cross" method of uniform construction two to three times, each construction interval of about 3 hours, finger touch not sticky before the construction of the next, rain and open water prohibited construction.

Protective layer construction: non-exposed type requires a protective layer, exposed layer is not required to cover.