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Application of liquid waterproofing roll-roofing materials and construction considerations

Liquid waterproofing membrane is widely used in waterproof and moisture-proof projects in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, balconies, window sills, roofs, basements, human defense and other projects. Can also be used for metal pipes, workshop floors, pools, wooden floors, cement slabs and other anti-corrosion.

Liquid waterproofing membrane construction management procedures can be divided into these four steps:

1, grass-roots treatment: the grass-roots surface is flat, solid, clean, no sharp corners, oil, bright water, cracks.

2, detail processing: according to the design requirements of the sealing material into the groove, the yin and Yang corners and root treatment into a rounded or obtuse angle, covered with mesh before construction, multi-pass multi-brush.

3, large surface painting: first the grass-roots surface wetting saturated but no water, with a brush will be coated with waterproofing paint on the treated substrate, according to the use (interval of 2-4 hours or more) before starting the next construction process, the next brush direction development should be with the previous important direction as well as vertical (is 90 ℃), in order to achieve a comprehensive coating.

4, closed water test: to be completely dry after the coating film, blocking the downspout culture for the system water storage, water storage capacity depth should be not less than 20mm, water storage effect time of 24 hours, the water surface no significant decline for qualified.

Liquid waterproofing roll-roofing material features

Strong bonding: can be constructed in the wet base surface, and can be bonded with any foreign body, the construction of the material will not be separated, can form a stable, overall seamless waterproof layer.

High elasticity: good flexibility, high elongation, suitable for grass-roots deformation.

Self-healing: construction even if the waterproof layer damage can be repaired by itself, maintaining the integrity of the waterproof layer.

Easy maintenance: can stop the flow of water in the waterproof layer, easy maintenance management.

Liquid membrane notes

1. liquid waterproofing membrane can be constructed in the wet base surface, but to ensure that the construction of the base surface is not obvious water.

2. construction process each process must be in accordance with the process of construction, especially before and after the process of convergence must be carried out according to the requirements.

3. Products open the lid is recommended for one-time use, if not once used to complete the need to re-do sealed storage.