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The use of liquid coils and the analysis of conventional problems

Liquid membrane is an environmentally friendly water-based waterproof coating, the main components are rubber asphalt and rubber emulsion plus some fillers and additives, mixed by high-speed mixing cylinder stirring a single-component water-based coating.

The correct use of liquid membrane

1. first the base surface of the sand, dust, garbage clean up, if the base surface of the powder phenomenon, you need to remove or strengthen the powder part first

2. after cleaning up the base surface, wet the base surface, to be no bright water, start to paint the ecological liquid membrane, at least two times more, three coatings a cloth effect is better.

3. after the completion of painting, at least 7 days at 25 ℃ temperature before you can test the water.

4. has been blended into a better state, can not add water or other materials mixed use.

Liquid coil of conventional problems analysis

1. coating film wrinkled

Liquid coil composition is special, drying speed than ordinary waterproofing to slow, not completely dry, put water to do closed water test will lead to this problem, at room temperature 25 ℃, it is recommended 7 days after the water test.

2. coating film is pulled up, no bonding force

Liquid membrane is a highly elastic product. Requirements for the substrate is relatively high, painting liquid coil must do a good job of ground treatment to confirm that the substrate is not loose, need to wet the substrate before painting.

3. Coating film cracking

Liquid coil exposed temperature is negative -15 ℃ to 80 ℃, the temperature is too low or too high, will destroy the liquid coil coating film.