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Features of non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating

Non-curing rubber asphalt waterproofing coating is a rubber asphalt as the main component, add additives to the mix made in the use of years to maintain the sticky paste waterproof coating.

Non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating features

① not cured: long time not cured, long to maintain a good self-healing, creep, adhesion, paste volume

After the formation of gapless coating volume composite system.

② self-healing: eliminate the extension of the grass-roots deformation, even if damaged in the construction and use process, can also repair itself to maintain the continuous integrity of the coating film.

③ creep: the coating film actively adapt to grass-roots deformation, cracking, release stress, repair cracks, seal the coil T-lap parts.

④ fatigue resistance. Under the repeated action of external forces, waterproof performance remains unchanged.

⑤ adhesion: can form a seamless full adhesion with the grass-roots level and waterproofing materials, and bonding ability is not affected by the environment, and structural rigid waterproofing layer closely combined, constitute a rigid-flexible, non-fluctuating waterproofing system.

⑥ easy construction: high solid content, a film can be achieved thickness requirements, unlike ordinary coatings, need

Maintenance, can shorten the construction period; can be mechanical spraying or manual scraping, flexible construction methods, adaptability.

(7) Durability: anti-loss, chemical corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, with the structure of the same life.