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Bathroom waterproofing materials which is good

Which is the best waterproofing material for bathroom?

Hard mortar

Advantages: no treatment of the coating after brushing, can be directly tiled, cured to form a hard cement block, not to pack seepage, backwater surface waterproofing effect is very good.

Disadvantages: mortar hardness is high, easy to crack with the deformation of the grass-roots cracking.

Flexible mortar

Advantages: flexible, grass-roots deformation and cracking will not affect the waterproofing effect, mostly used for walls and floors and other waterfront, high-grade flexible mortar, elastic tension and flexibility are very good.

Disadvantages: can not be used for the top surface and other backwater, waterproofing is not done, there is water infiltration is easy to start bag seepage.


Advantages: easy to combine with the ground seams to form a solid waterproof layer, breathability is very good, can adapt to the base surface of a certain magnitude of cracking deformation, non-toxic green environmental protection, waterproofing effect is better.

Disadvantages: high film temperature, low film hardness, poor anti-adhesive, poor water resistance, poor adhesion.

Single-component polyurethane

Advantages: indoor and outdoor use, brush after a very thick, about 3 mm, and elastic tension in more than 300%, any cracking of the substrate will not make it crack, waterproofing effect is very good.

Disadvantages: odor, individual environmental performance is not up to standard, construction is more laborious, complex.