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Bathroom waterproofing height thickness, bathroom waterproofing do how high

Bathroom waterproofing height thickness, bathroom waterproofing do how high

Most areas of the bathroom floor to do waterproofing, it will only be done above the ground 30cm. While the bathroom shower area to do waterproofing will be higher, the general rule is 1.8m.

If the non-shower area, the bathroom wall waterproofing in principle to 1.5m on it, but most people in order to strengthen the role of waterproofing, will also be unified to 1.8m, the distance between the two will not be too much difference, and the same construction is more convenient, the effect is also more secure some.

If the bathroom side of the wall is shared with the bedroom, then the waterproofing of this wall is as high as possible, that is, the whole wall is waterproof, so that it is less likely to affect the bedroom.

How thick to do waterproofing in the bathroom

When doing waterproofing layer, will first use sand and cement blending material to do slope layer, that is, waterproofing base, the ground needs to have a certain slope, and slope to the floor drain, the ground water will flow away.

Its slope layer is very thin from the ground at least 20mm thick, and the thickness of the thick place is about 30mm, and then the cement mortar will be evenly coated on. Waterproofing should be done around the tiles and at the junction of the wall, while the height of the waterproof layer at the junction of the floor and the wall should be between 25-35cm.