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Construction process of waterproof coating in the bathroom

Waterproof coating in the bathroom should meet the requirements of national norms, to use qualified products, the ground and wall joints of waterproofing work is critical, but also prone to problems, the wall and the ground at the corners must be painted with waterproofing paint in place.

Waterproof bathroom floor tiles

Before paving tiles must be cleaned up the ground, with cement mortar smoothing the ground, in the waterproofing work, so as to avoid uneven application of waterproofing paint, waterproofing paint leakage will not occur, and so once the waterproofing paint is completely dry, and then the second waterproofing treatment, and then the second waterproofing paint dry before paving tiles.

Bathroom waterproof wall groove

In addition to the ground there are internal plumbing recesses also need to do waterproofing work in the pipeline, floor drains, etc. through the floor, the waterproofing layer around the hole should be handled carefully. Buried in the wall of the water pipe to a reasonable layout, laying water pipes to do greater than the diameter of the pipe recess, to brush waterproof coating in the recess.

Bathroom waterproofing construction process

1, brush a waterproof coating: construction before ensuring that the site is clean and dry, waterproof coating to be coated with no omissions, and the grass-roots combination of solid, no cracks, bubbles, shedding phenomenon. Brush the same height, thickness to meet the product requirements.

2, brush two waterproofing paint: note that one, two waterproofing paint try to interval of about 4-8 hours, depending on the specific time of the paint. The interval is too short, the effect of waterproofing will be greatly reduced.

3, store protective layer: in order to prevent construction damage after the waterproofing layer, the need to store on the surface of the waterproof coating protective layer. Protective layer to completely cover the waterproof layer, no omissions, and the grass-roots combination of solid, no cracks, no bubbles, no peeling phenomenon.

4, closed water test: closed water test, the high point of the ground water can not be less than 2 cm, save at least 24 hours, no leakage after the party is considered qualified. If there is leakage need to redo, and Mo can not be negligent and careless.