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What is the application method of waterproof coating?

A, what are the waterproof coatings

There are polyurethane waterproofing coatings, this type of coating for the reaction-curing type (moisture-curing) coatings, with high strength, elongation, good water resistance, etc., and SBS modified asphalt waterproofing coatings, with good waterproofing performance, low temperature flexibility, high elongation, easy construction, etc., with good adaptability to roof deformation.

Second, waterproof coating methods of use:

1. scraping method, you can use a bullhorn scraper, plastic scraper and other metal scraping tools, the surface of the object will be a variety of thick slurry-type waterproofing coatings or gaps and other excess scraping off.

2. roller coating method, roller coating method is the use of roller brush, a large area of the wall brush, rolling back and forth on the surface of the wall, the paint will stick to the wall.

3. All-over coating method, all-over coating method can strengthen the adhesion of the surface of the object, this method is a test of the professional degree of technical personnel, not only can not leave brush marks on the surface of the coating, but also need to consider the degree of decorative beauty of the coating.

4. Spraying method, need to use the spray gun equipment, if the paint viscosity is high, need a large pressure catalyst, nozzle to choose a large diameter. If the paint viscosity is low, the pressure needs to be small, the nozzle can be appropriate to choose a small diameter.