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What is the role of waterproof coatings?

Home improvement bathroom must do a good job of waterproofing needs, or in the roof of a good waterproofing measures, it will use a variety of waterproofing materials, some are a waterproof coating.

A, what is the role of waterproof coating

It can form a coating after painting, to prevent the penetration of water; because this material cured, it can have a certain crack resistance, waterproof, anti-penetration protection; more suitable for roofing or bathroom waterproof role, in addition it can be low temperature or high temperature resistance, the operation is also relatively simple.

Second, waterproof coating can be brushed directly?

1, waterproof coating can not be brushed directly on the ground or wall, the construction of the wall or the ground before some debris, dust clean up. Brush waterproofing paint is like painting, need a clean interface. Only to ensure that the ability to adhere to better. Otherwise, if painted directly, it will affect the waterproofing effect, so you must create a dry, clean construction surface.

2, the specific construction, the first need to be clean ground, wall treatment, so that flat, clean, no water or cracks. If there is, you need to do a little repair with cement mortar, to a certain level.

3, next then this waterproof coating will be mixed, some need to add water or add other binders, or mix well with a mixer, no lumps to be able to use.

4, next with a brush or roller sticky paint, applied directly on the ground or wall. Generally need to brush 2~3 times, wait until each time are completely dry before you can brush the next time.

5, the surface is dry to be maintained, can sprinkle water, can also spray maintenance, maintenance time generally speaking to reach two days. Wait until completely dry and then closed water test, no leakage to show that the waterproof qualified.