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Waterproof coating performance and scope of application

Performance of waterproof coating

1. solid content

Solid content refers to the proportion of solids contained in waterproof coatings, as the coating is painted by the solids in the composition of the film, so the solid content of how much film thickness and film quality is closely related.

2. Heat resistance

Heat refers to the waterproof coating film after the waterproofing film at high temperatures without softening deformation, not flowing performance, that is, high temperature resistance.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility refers to the waterproofing coating after the film layer in the low temperature to maintain the flexibility of the performance, it reflects the waterproof coating in the construction and use of low temperature performance.

4. Impermeability

Impermeability refers to the waterproof coating a certain water pressure (hydrostatic pressure or dynamic water pressure) and a certain period of time without leakage performance. It is the main quality indicator of waterproof coatings to meet the requirements of the waterproof function.

5. Extensibility

Extend the nature of waterproof coating film to adapt to grass-roots deformation, waterproofing coatings into a film must have a certain degree of extensibility to adapt to the temperature difference, dry and wet factors such as grass-roots deformation, to ensure that the waterproofing effect.

The scope of application of waterproof coatings

1, indoor and outdoor cement concrete structure, mortar and masonry structure of the wall, ground.

2, bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, floor, balcony, pool ground and wall waterproofing.

3, for paving stone, tile, wood flooring, wallpaper, plasterboard before the bottom treatment, can achieve the effect of preventing moisture and salt pollution.