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Waterproof coating construction points, do you know?

Waterproof coating construction points

Waterproofing materials continue to develop and test, polymer cement waterproofing materials are very effective, construction is also relatively easy, its retention time is also very long, generally in about 20 years will not have any problems, the specific construction essentials I am here to introduce to you.

1. should be in more than 5 ℃ temperature conditions construction, is expected within 24h precipitation is not suitable for construction.

2. Painting should be done horizontally and vertically with an interval of 4h.

3. If the coating has special requirements, consider increasing the number of times the surface layer is painted.

4. When the air humidity is particularly high and the temperature is low during construction, the drying time should be extended appropriately.

5. If the construction site temperature is high, when mixing materials can increase the appropriate amount of water to reduce the viscosity of construction.

General-purpose waterproof coating, also known as JS waterproof coating. Is composed of acrylic emulsion and additives liquid material and by cement, sand and mineral powder composition of the powder in a specific proportion of the combination of two-component waterproofing materials. The two materials mixed chemical reaction, not only to form a surface coating waterproof, but also to penetrate the bottom material inside the formation of crystals to deter the passage of water, to achieve double waterproofing effect.

General waterproof coating product characteristics

Rigid waterproofing materials, outstanding bonding performance, mainly used in the bathroom, kitchen and bathroom waterproof moisture treatment.

The scope of application of general-purpose waterproof coating

-Walls and floors of indoor and outdoor cement concrete structures, mortar and masonry structures.

-Waterproofing the ground and wall of bathroom, bathroom, kitchen, floor, balcony, pool.

-Used for plastering stone, tile, wood floor, wallpaper, plasterboard before the bottom treatment, can achieve the effect of preventing moisture and salt pollution.