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What are the methods of waterproofing materials for plugging leaks in basement projects?

What are the methods of waterproofing materials basement project leak plugging?

1. through the wall pipe and pre-buried pipe leakage

Cause .

(1) the pipe or casing is not tightly installed, cracks and gaps around;

(2) improper detailing methods, the outer wall of the pipe and the concrete pre-pored hole wall between the sealing material filling is not dense, the outer layer of waterproofing coating steel layer is poorly bonded, etc.

(3) sealing materials and waterproofing coatings due to insufficient elongation and cracking or separation from the combined surface.

Leak plugging measures.

(1) clean up the outer space of the pipe sealing material or grouting, and tightly sealed;

(2) and the basement wall connected to the root of the pipe using elastic waterproofing coating fiber material, strengthen the waterproof layer.

2. Basement large area of serious water leakage.

Causes .

(1) poor concrete mix and construction quality, with irrigation holes;

(2) basement cracks due to various reasons;

(3) poor quality of waterproofing coating construction or waterproofing coating extension is not enough to cause cracking of the waterproof layer.

Leakage plugging measures.

In addition to grouting in the wall and behind the wall, waterproof concrete lining, cement mortar, hanging network cement mortar plastering and other methods, you can also use waterproofing coatings, drainage, drainage, and then plugging joints, plugging holes to prevent leakage.

3. Water seepage from side walls and bottom slabs.


(1) poor quality of concrete construction, with microporous infiltration;

(2) waterproof coating bonding is not firm or broken.

Leakage plugging measures.

(1) clean up water seepage parts, with cement-based waterproofing coating for plugging treatment.

(2) clean up the seepage part, the use of water emulsion neoprene asphalt waterproofing coating and other fiber-reinforced materials for impermeability.

4. deformation joints, construction joints, new and old structure seepage at the joints.


(1) poor quality of concrete, shrinkage is too large, cracks;

(2) the details of these parts of the waterproofing treatment method is not appropriate, such as improper placement of water stops, concrete pouring sealing is not enough, sealing paste is not filled tightly.

(3) sealing materials and waterproof coating elongation is not enough, from the combination of surface tearing or separation, etc.

Leakage plugging measures.

(1) will be flexible or flexible waterproofing materials filled, pasted or injected into the leaky parts;

(2) the use of flexible waterproofing coatings (such as polyurethane waterproofing coatings, etc.) and fiber materials as a surface reinforced waterproofing layer.