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Do you know what are the characteristics of liquid coils?

Characteristics of liquid coil

Strong adhesion: can be constructed on wet substrates and can be bonded to any foreign objects. The material will not separate during construction, forming a stable and seamless waterproof layer.

High elasticity: good flexibility, high elongation, suitable for base deformation.

Self-healing: even if the waterproof layer is damaged during construction, it can repair itself and maintain the integrity of the waterproof layer.

Easy maintenance: can prevent water from escaping from the waterproof layer, easy maintenance management.

Simple structure: can be scraped or sprayed. Can be room temperature construction, can also be low temperature construction.

Liquid membrane simple operation method

1. Clean up the grass-roots level. First, check whether the outer package is complete. Open the outer package of the product clockwise with scissors or blade, and open the lid along the indentation of the lid. Keep the surface of the grass-roots level clean. The surface of the grass-roots level should be flat, firm and clean, without sharp corners, oil stains, water stains and cracks.

2:The first brush. Pour out the liquid coil from the bucket and brush evenly for the first time.

3:Second brush. After the first coat of liquid coil layer is dry (to the foot does not stick to the foot as the standard), pour out the liquid coil layer, and then apply the second coat.

4:After the liquid coil dries and cures, you can add mortar protective layer on the surface layer to make the material more durable.