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What is good about liquid coil? What are the advantages and characteristics?

Liquid coil using styrene-butadiene-styrene copolymer thermoplastic elastomer as a modifier to petroleum asphalt modification, and add a variety of rubber, synthetic resins, surfactants, emulsifiers, mold inhibitors and other auxiliary materials, through special equipment refined into a highly elastic waterproof coating.

What are the advantages and characteristics of liquid membrane?

1. Single-component cold construction does not require on-site deployment, safe and convenient to use.

2. Low-odor water-based coatings.

3. Does not contain coal tar and other toxic substances, non-combustible.

4. Excellent mechanical properties, high tensile strength and high elongation.

5. Strong adhesion, aging resistance, high elasticity, more suitable for the structure of easy to crack deformation parts of the waterproof.

6. Strong self-healing management ability, able to self-repair punctured holes, waterproofing project quality assurance.


7. It has excellent waterproof and anti-UV effect, can be used at -50-88℃, with a service life of up to 20 years, and can reduce the roof temperature. It is a good umbrella for building roofs.

8. Good elasticity, anti-cracking, anti-freezing, still has excellent elasticity in low temperature.

9. Good adhesion, no peeling.

10. Easy to construct and post maintenance.

11. Service life not more than 20 years.

12. Low overall cost, high cost performance, is a good substitute for traditional coils.

The application range of liquid coil is also quite wide.

1. All kinds of building roofing and bathroom waterproofing projects.

2. Underground enclosure waterproofing project.

3. Basement, swimming pool, human defense project, subway project, tunnel and other waterproofing projects.

4. Especially suitable for complex structure, abnormal deformation, cracking parts of the waterproofing.

Liquid coil because it can form an overall seamless closed layer, completely waterproof, can achieve complete air and water isolation, can completely and effectively isolate the outside rain, moisture and all harmful gases on the waterproofing base; liquid coil construction management technology development is easy to grasp, construction machinery and equipment operation is simple, can be made into a continuous overall waterproof layer, not subject to the complex shape of the grass-roots restrictions.