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What are the main materials of self-adhesive polymer waterproofing membrane?

The success of polymer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane depends not only on its own quality, but also on the bonding and sealing of the membrane and roofing. The traditional construction method of modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is hot melt construction. By heating, the asphalt on the surface of the coil sticks to the roof after melting. This construction method is not only labor-intensive, but also pollutes the environment. If there is a little improper in the construction process, the bonding seal between the coil and the roof or the membrane will not be strict, leading to roof leaks. Therefore, people began to research and application of self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen waterproofing roll-roofing material.

A, composition advantages

Self-adhesive modified bitumen adhesive is an important raw material for the production of modified bitumen waterproofing roll-roofing materials. With high strength, high elongation, good adhesion, low-temperature flexibility, self-healing, construction is easy and fast. Adhesive is not only the bonding layer between the coating material and roofing, can maintain the sealing performance of the adhesive for a long time, and is the stress buffer absorption layer between the coil and roofing. When the roof is cracked due to stress, the bonding layer is plastic and quite extensive. The top plate stress can be buffered or absorbed by its own deformation, thus reducing the impact of the top plate deformation on the coating material, thus extending the service life of the coil and solving the problem of traditional coil construction difficulties.

Second, the composition of the components

1. Asphalt

Asphalt as the main component of the binder, is the key to determine its adhesion. In the choice of asphalt, should be considered from the plasticity, elasticity, adhesion, etc., generally choose low softening point asphalt.

2.kind of modified materials

Asphalt is easy to become brittle at low temperatures, and easy to flow at high temperatures. Adding modified materials can improve the low-temperature flexibility and heat resistance of asphalt. Thermoplastic elastomer SBS has the fluidity of plastic, thermoplastic and rubber elasticity and toughness, compared with other modified materials have unparalleled advantages.

3. Tackifier

Tackifier can improve the adhesion and wetting properties of asphalt, improve the bonding strength between the self-adhesive modified asphalt adhesive and adhesive. The choice of adhesion enhancers are mainly rosin, terpene resin and petroleum resin.

4. Packaging

Talc and light calcium carbonate as modified asphalt packing, the purpose is to reduce the cost and reinforcement, while adjusting the viscosity.

Third, the construction process

Base layer cleaning → node parts to strengthen the processing → laying, lap waterproofing roll-roofing → node sealing → inspection and acceptance → protective layer construction

Self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing construction using cold work, the material into the work surface shall not be used in any form of open fire.

Adjacent two rows of coil short side joints should be staggered more than 1500mm, so as to avoid multi-layer joints overlap and make coil paste uneven.

Before the construction of waterproofing layer, ensure that a variety of pipes or pre-buried parts installed and fixed, in order to avoid the construction of waterproofing layer after good, drilling holes, damage to the waterproofing layer, leaving a hidden danger of leakage.

In the waterproofing layer in the subsequent construction process, such as inadvertent damage to the waterproofing layer, should promptly notify the waterproofing construction unit, using the same material self-adhesive polymer modified bitumen waterproofing roll-roofing material for repair.