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Metal roofing waterproof coating, the use of metal roof leakage in steel structures

Metal roof waterproof coating is a kind of metal structure special waterproof coating, made of liquid high-quality acrylate and silane copolymer elastic emulsion, various additives and ultraviolet reflective materials. It has excellent fatigue resistance, UV resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent elasticity, and can be widely used in various metal roof waterproofing and leak repair projects.

Metal roofing waterproof coating features.

1. Single-component, water-based emulsion, environmental protection, simple construction.

2. The high solid content of the emulsion, high tensile strength, elongation, adaptability to cracking or swelling of the grassroots.

3. Strong UV resistance, aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance.

4. Strong adhesion to metal and can resist various harsh weather conditions.

5. Can be colored, have a certain decorative role.

Metal roofing waterproof coating scope of application.

Suitable for new metal roofing waterproofing and repair metal roof leakage and damage.

Metal roofing waterproof coating construction technology.

Base layer treatment: the grass-roots level should be firm, flat, dry, no floating ash, oil and other dirt. When used to repair metal roofing, should first remove rust.

Material: single-component, properly stirred before painting can be used.

Detailed treatment:Before construction of large-area waterproofing layer, polyester non-woven fabric and acrylic paint should be used for painting, metal lap anchorage and other parts prone to leakage to strengthen, a cloth two coatings, forming an additional layer.

Large surface painting: generally painted 2-3 times, film thickness of 1.5mm-2mm. each time before the waterproofing coating film should be completely cured before the next time, two times the direction of painting should be vertical.

Later maintenance: waterproof layer after construction to protect against damage, ensure ventilation and dryness.

Metal roofing waterproof coating precautions.

1. construction, the temperature should be between 5 ℃ and 35 ℃, windy or rainy days prohibited construction.

2. Open the lid and use immediately. Unused waterproof coating should be sealed and stored.

3. Before the waterproof coating completely dry, to prevent rain, sunlight, etc.

Metal roofing waterproof coating transportation and storage.

1. It should be stored in a sealed, ventilated and dry place with storage temperature above 5℃.

2. Avoid rain and collision during transportation to avoid damage to the package.

3. Under normal storage conditions, the product warranty period is 12 months.


Construction Technology of PVC Waterproof Rolls

1. Firstly, waterproof materials and various construction tools need to be prepared, followed by the specific construction process. Firstly, the treatment of the base layer must be carried out. Before construction, the base layer must be cleaned to ensure that there are no other lumps or debris, and the base layer must be dry, with a moisture content within 9%.

Do you really understand the construction method of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof rolls?

(1) Construction method for large surface coiled materials: The large-scale construction methods for PVC waterproof rolls include: ① mechanical fixation method; ② Bonding method; ③ Empty paving (capping) method.

Talking about the scope of application of non-curing waterproof coatings

Application scope of non-curing waterproof coating   1, underground buildings   Such as subway tunnel waterproof plugging, pool cistern wall waterproof patching anti-corrosion heat insulation transformation, basement floor water leakage management repair reinforcement, etc.

Waterproof material variety, which are the main raw materials?

Waterproof material is the building envelope to prevent the infiltration of rain, snow and groundwater; to prevent the erosion of moisture, steam and other harmful gases and liquids in the air; to separate the structure to prevent the seepage of water supply and drainage over.

Do you know what are the characteristics of non-curing waterproof coating?

Non-curing waterproofing coating is not need to heat to a certain temperature on the construction of the material. There are many types of such materials, such as: polyurethane waterproofing roll-roofing and non-vulcanized rubber-based polymer emulsions belong to such products; in addition, there are acrylic polymer cement mortar and modified epoxy resin cement also belongs to this category.